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Apply for AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair today AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair
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AP Mechanic

Lake Aero Styling And Repair
Lakeport, CA
United States

Hourly: USD
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Hard worker? Prove it.

Do you work harder than you are getting paid? At LASAR, we offer performance based pay for our A&P's, IA's.

LASAR has a 40 year track record as being the best shop in the nation for servicing, styling, and repairing Mooney aircraft. With new ownership in 2017, we are rapidly growing and looking for team members who are highly skilled in their craft. We believe hard work and a willing attitude deserve a higher pay, which is why we offer a performance based pay structure that invites you to earn your worth. The LASAR shop is surrounded by adventure and nature at Lampson Field in Lakeport, Ca. Vineyards and mountain trails are all around us, and we are right next to California's largest natural freshwater lake with one of the highest fish populations in the nation. If you are looking for a fresh start and a chance to prove yourself for higher pay, we want to talk.

AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair
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AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair

AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair

AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair

AP Mechanic job at Lake Aero Styling And Repair

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