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Apply for Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin today Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin
location on map is approximate

Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security

Lockheed Martin
Denver, CO
United States

Hourly: USD

Lockheed Martin Corporate Information Security (CIS) is seeking an experienced Information Assurance / Security Engineers who also have experience with Cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this role you will work with individuals from a variety of technical and functional disciplines to provide guidance on cloud-based solutions that meet overall business needs while also embedding necessary security controls from end-to-end.

Duties of this position will include:
- Performing security evaluations of AWS services to understand the capabilities of the services and hence the security controls that may be required and/or recommended for secure use of the service.
- Engaging on cloud deployment or migration projects to ensure end-to-end security of business solutions.
- Designing and validating security standards, policies and solutions that align with the dynamic and agile nature of Cloud environments.
- Documenting and communicating the security standards, policies and solutions to allow for quicker and easier adoption.
- Automating security solutions using tools standard in the Cloud / DevOps world.
- Developing governance models for Cloud-based solutions including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Lockheed Martin Corporate Information Security offers a dynamic, fast-paced environment where quick ramp-up and the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities is expected. The ability to work effectively in a virtual team will be required to enable success for the individual in this role and within the team.

WORK LOCATION FOR THIS POSITION CAN BE AT THE U.S. LOCKHEED MARTIN FACILITIES IN: Denver, CO; King of Prussia, PA; Littleton, CO; Orlando, FL; Sunnyvale, CA; Rockville, MD


Required Experience
Minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience encompassing information technology and cyber security / information assurance:
- Experience with information assurance and cyber security engineering principles including security risk analysis, security testing, communications/network security, computer security and other areas of Information Assurance
- Experience performing threat analysis and threat modeling
- Advanced knowledge of cloud technologies, with Amazon Web Services being preferred.
- Solid understanding of cloud computing design and security principles
- Experience designing and documenting recommended security reference architecture for computing environments.
- Wide range of knowledge across IT disciplines including software, hardware, network engineering
- Ability to juggle the demands of multiple diverse customers while formulating & driving the enterprise-level Cloud security direction
- Proven effective communication skills (written, verbal and presentation)
- Proven effective teaming skills (co-located and virtual)

Desired skills
- Recognized security certification (CISSP, CEH or others)
- Recognized cloud certification (CSSP, AWS CSA, CompTIA Cloud+, CCSK or others)
- Familiarity with FedRamp
- Demonstrated understanding / proficiency in application containerization, APIs, web services
- Knowledge of common DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Git
- Experience with other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and others
- Demonstrated experience utilizing agile frameworks for project lifecycle
- Understanding of regulatory frameworks such as PCI, PII / Privacy Shield, SOX, etc.

As a leading technology innovation company, Lockheed Martin’s vast team works with partners around the world to bring proven performance to our customers’ toughest challenges. Lockheed Martin has employees based in many states throughout the U.S., and Internationally, with business locations in many nations and territories.

Join us at Lockheed Martin, where we’re engineering a better tomorrow.

Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

Job Location(s):
City:(s): Denver, King of Prussia, Littleton, Orlando, Rockville, Sunnyvale

State:(s): California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania
Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin
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Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin

Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin

Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin

Info Assurance Engineer Sr Cloud Security job at Lockheed Martin

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