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Apply for Estimator job at MET CON today Estimator job at MET CON
location on map is approximate


Cocoa, FL
United States

Hourly: USD

Required:Associateand#39;s Degree1 year experienceValid Driverandrsquo;s LicenseExcel; must build spreadsheetsCompany is a leading industrial and entertainment contractor who fabricates and erects our own structural steel in Florida. Our projects range from launch facilities at Kennedy Space Center to the Tower of Terror at Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. We are seeking a project manager to join our growing and dynamic company.Position: Estimator Description:Review all applicable ITB bid documents including specifications front end documents bid forms schedules exhibits etc.Provide take-off and cost estimate inclusive of all materials labor equipment engineering quality control and subcontractor and vendor quotes.Provide cost estimate as it relates specifically to our fabrication shop and methods.Identify scope gap and overlap in subcontract and vendor quotes.Compose and provide a scope of work which are specific to each project inclusive of qualifications and exclusions. Review project start completion and milestone dates and how they interface with current fab shop schedule and projects to ascertain any / all required overtime.Coordinate and aid in preliminary construction schedules.Attend all meetings as required by the management and / or senior estimator.Attend Pre-Bids / project site visits as required.Maintain current knowledge of the status of all associated costs with the various components required for the procurement lead times and fabrication aspects for the structural and miscellaneous metals as they pertain to our fabrication and machine shop.Interact with all other departments within company i.e. project managers detailing machine shop procurement admin etc.Assist and prepare cost estimates and work with the project managers for any work constituted as extra to existing projects and contracts if required.Coordinate assist and advise the project manager in the settlement of any proposal change orders of ongoing projects as requested.Coordinate assist and review with other company estimators on specific estimate and bid tasks.Establish relationships with outside material vendors / suppliers as required.Perform other tasks as required and directed by the senior estimator and / or management.Company offers a competitive salary paid employee health benefits paid vacation and a 401(k) plan.Company is an EOE and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race color religion gender national origin age sexual orientation gender identity disability or veteran status.Avjobs.com
Estimator job at MET CON
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Estimator job at MET CON

Estimator job at MET CON

Estimator job at MET CON

Estimator job at MET CON

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