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Apply for Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES today Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES
location on map is approximate

Procurement Coordinator B

Maryland Heights, MO
United States

Hourly: USD

Be a part of the worlds largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense space and security systems. If you take pride in your work want a challenge that inspires your best ideas and enjoy being part of a winning team this is the place for you. We are currently searching for the right talent to fill this opportunity: Procurement Coordinator B (U.S. Citizenship Required)Maryland Heights MO2017-4930 The Supplier Management Commodities and Services organization in St Louis is seeking a Procurement Coordinator to help support the procurement of products on behalf of the programs within the Training and Professional Services (TandPS) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) divisions. Responsibilities:With close oversight of management completes procurement responsibilities for low value non-complex procurements and releases to previously negotiated strategic agreements.Prepares customer specific basic charts and reports for procurement agents and management to support analysis and management of procurement elements (e.g. supplier cost delivery quality). Enters data extracts data and performs limited updates of databases for procurement agents management and other customers to ensure data integrity and timeliness. Collects organizes edits and provides data from various computer systems and databases to procurement agents and management in order to effectively evaluate processes and performance within the procurement cycle. Schedules and organizes meetings records and distributes meeting minutes and agendas processes and files forms and documentation and performs other administrative tasks to assist in the efficiency of procurement operations. Communicates with procurement agents and internal customers to assist in the identification and resolution of issues associated with the procurement cycle such as quotes billing contracts and other documentation discrepancies to ensure contractual compliance. Gathers documentation (e.g. drawings specifications statements of work) from various data sources and assists in the distribution to suppliers in order to define contractual requirements. Qualification:Successfully pass a credit checkKnowledge of or experience in Supply Chain Supplier Interaction/Management preferred U.S. Citizenship is required by law regulation executive order or government contract. Education and Experience: High school diploma or GED and typically 1 or more years related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Conditions of Employment:Applicants selected for employment will be required to pass a pre-employment drug screening and background investigation which may include education criminal and work history verifications. About Our Company:Moseley Technical Services Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with a high standard of quality products and services. For two decades our reputation has been built on this dedication and the long-term relationships developed with some of the most prestigious companies in the aerospace and defense industries. These business relationships give you the opportunity to not only find a job but to find one you can value and enjoy. We will be dedicated to you and to making your career a success. Accepted applicants will have the opportunity to be eligible for benefits including medical and supplemental insurance and a 401K. Appreciation and gratitude for employees is a hallmark of organizations with low turnover. Moseley Technical Services Inc. is an AA/EEO/Veterans/Disabled Employer. Join a team that values your experience!Avjobs.com

Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES
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Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES

Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES

Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES

Procurement Coordinator B job at SELEY TECHNICAL SERVICES

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