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Apply for Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation today Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation
location on map is approximate

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135

Metro Aviation
Houma, LA
United States

Salary Annual: USD

Full Time
Job Description:

This position is a full-time career opportunity, with a 7 shift on / 7 day off work schedule.

Metro Aviation is driven by its safety culture and demonstrates that commitment to safety by providing its pilots with industry-leading training and modern, well equipped aircraft. We are seeking aviation professionals that share our passion for safety and excellence in operations.

Job Requirements:

  • Total Flight Time = 2,000 hours
  • Total Pilot-In-Command = 1,000 hours
  • Cross Country Flight Time= 500 hours
  • Night Flight Time= 100 hours, including 50 hours night unaided
  • Instrument Flight Time= 75 hours (50 in flight)
  • Turbine Time= 500 hours


  • FAA Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Certificate and Instrument Helicopter Rating (Airline Transport Pilot Rotorcraft Preferred)
  • FAA 2nd Class Medical

Rotor Wing Desired Experience:

  • Air Medical operations
  • Single Pilot IFR operations
  • Night Vision Goggle operations

Other Requirements:

Some locations require a maximum flight-ready weight of 230 lbs.
Most locations require residency within a prescribed distance from the assigned base.

1. Maintain a clear concise understanding of current Metro, local base, and client policies and procedures.

2. Comply with all Metro Aviation, FARs, Operations Manual, Flight Manual, local base and program policies and procedures.

3. Promote effective and courteous communications with co-workers and client personnel, and strive to maintain a friendly working environment.

4. Notify Lead Pilot/Base Lead of interpersonal conflicts between co-workers or client personnel.

5. Notify Lead Pilot/Base Lead as soon as practical of any incident requiring an ASR.

6. Properly fill out ASRs and other company forms as appropriate.

7. Attend all monthly safety meetings unless an approved absence is obtained prior to the meeting.

8. Maintain the aircraft in a clean and orderly manner inside and out, daily washing if necessary.

9. Conduct pre/post-shift briefings with other pilots to review weather status, any ASRs, aircraft airworthiness, and pertinent information.

10. When assigned to duty, obtain and record weather, and update as appropriate.

11. Coordinates with Comm Center or client on weather status and any anticipated delays, update as necessary.

12. Reports to work at the proper time, maintains a neat and professional appearance, and keeps office and living quarters in a clean and organized state.

13. Performs additional duties assigned by the company and Lead Pilot/Team

Please note that by applying for this position does not mean that you have completed the full Metro Aviation application which will be sent to you electronically if chosen to proceed.

Visit us for a current list of available positions and additional application instructions at www.metroaviation.com and please reference Avjobs when applying.

This Job Report is to be considered - Newsworthy Aviation Employment Information (FYI). No guarantee is made as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information, projections or opinions in announcements obtained through the Job Report Network. The information contained in this announcement is compiled for the convenience of site visitors and is accepted by the site visitor on the condition that errors or omissions are not the responsibility of Avjobs and shall not be made the basis for any claim, demand or cause of action. Please visit this company's web site for additional details and information.

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation
Apply for this Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 position today


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Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot EC135 job at Metro Aviation

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