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Apply for Project Engineer job at Moog today Project Engineer job at Moog
location on map is approximate

Project Engineer

East Aurora, NY
United States

Hourly: USD

<br /><br /><b> At Moog: </b><br /><br /><b> </b><br /><br /><b> </b><li><b> We solve our customers most difficult technical challenges </b></li><b></b><br /><br /><b> </b><li><b> We value trust respect integrity and cooperation in everything we do </b></li><b></b><br /><br /><b> </b><li><b> Performance really matters - for our people customers and shareholders </b></li><b></b><br /><br /><b> If this sounds like the kind of organization you want to be a part of continue reading... </b><br /><br /><b> </b><br /><br /><b> Moog Aircraft Group </b> in Torrance is looking for a <b>Project Engineer</b> to be an integral part of our team delivering highly complex electro-mechanical mechanical and hydro-mechanical components and systems for flight actuation applications to our Commercial Aftermarket customers. <br /><br /><b> Moog </b> is a world leader in flight control and utility actuation systems for civil and military aircraft. We offer fully integrated solutions specializing in Primary Flight Control Secondary Flight Control High Lift Control and Active Vibration Control. <br /><br /><b> </b><br /><br /><b> Whats in it for you? </b><br /><ul><li> Technical Challenge - our products are highly engineered and customized for each customer </li><li> High-Visibility Customers and Programs - we work with the largest aircraft manufacturers end-users and on the most advanced aircraft </li><li> Mutual Trust Respect and Opportunity - Moog provides a culture that allows for personal initiative autonomy and excellence </li></ul><br /><b> What youll be working on day to day: </b><br /><ul><li> Contribute to the development of customized engineering solutions through consulting with customers and sales personnel </li><li> Validate conceptual problem solutions by performing trade studies and analyses </li><li> Contribute to the preparation of successful proposal designs cost estimates and technical write-ups </li><li> Conduct failure investigations and re-design efforts </li><li> Reliability trend modeling </li><li> Operate as a key element in a team of creative independent individuals. </li><li> Represent Moog in a manner consistent with its technical reputation </li></ul><br /><br /><b> What youll need to bring with you: </b> <br /><ul><li> Bachelors degree in engineering or a technical field. </li><li> 5 years of experience in the engineering of mechanical systems </li><li> Listening and people handling skills </li><li> Negotiating skills to facilitate agreement on technical and contractual matters </li><li> Verbal and written communication skills for the preparation of presentation materials to internal groups and to the customer </li><li> Product knowledge and experience with or desire to learn the aftermarket services business model </li><li> Utilization of the scheduling status reporting and cost reporting systems </li><li> Provide proactive and professional service to our customers </li><li> Coordinate customer response to troubleshooting needs as required </li><li> Establish and maintain regular contact with customer base especially new customers. </li><li> Develop and maintain customer relationships at all levels. </li><li> K nowledge of closed loop control systems and strong analytical skills in this area are highly desirable </li><li> Knowledge of FAA requirements and aerospace industry specifications (MIL AS ASTM AMS etc.) desirable </li><li> Experience in Lean systems/process development desirable </li><li> Experience in blue print reading GD& T and special processes associated with the aerospace industry desirable </li></ul><br /> EOE/AA Minority/Female/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Disability/Veteran <br /><br /><br/><br/>VEVRAA Federal Contractor<br/>Request Priority Protected Veteran Referrals<br/>EOE -Veteran /Disabled/Minority/AA/F/M/SOAvjobs.com
Project Engineer job at Moog
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Project Engineer job at Moog

Project Engineer job at Moog

Project Engineer job at Moog

Project Engineer job at Moog

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