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Apply for Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum today Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum
location on map is approximate

Automation Speciist

Occidental Petroleum
Pecos, TX
United States

Hourly: USD

Title: Automation Specialist
Location: United States-Texas-Pecos
Other Locations:
Occidental Petroleum strives to become the company of choice for transitioning military and their families by offering challenging and rewarding employment. We recognize the value of your experience and the transferrable skills gained while in service to our country. Challenging and Rewarding Work At Oxy our opportunities are big challenging and complex. You can have a direct immediate impact on our business as well as a chance to change the industry with advanced technology and innovative thinking. Your personal and professional growth is a priority at Oxy. At every step of your career there are multiple ways you can strengthen your professional and technical skills in alignment with our business strategies. Of course you will be well rewarded for your passion and work ethic. Our compensation benefits and career development programs are designed to help you grow in your career take care of today’s needs and secure a solid future. Oxy is proud to be a military-friendly company that recognizes the life experience technical knowledge and leadership skills that you have to share. We invite you to join our military hiring program now. Oxy is looking for a motivated individual to fill the position Automation Technician within our Permian Resources Texas Delaware Basin group based in Pecos Texas.
This position will be responsible for the design specification installation programming calibration preventive maintenance troubleshooting and repair of automation equipment in order to improve plant or oilfield system operation/uptime and reduce total operating costs.
3-5 years oilfield experience with a responsible attitude for personal safety and the safety of co-workers contractors and the general public.
In lieu of industry experience will consider the following fields: Avionics Heating and Refrigeration Communications Automation radar technology mechanical electrical and/or nuclear technologies.
Excellent interpersonal and team work skills.
Excellent diagnostic and repair skills for complex problems in automation systems.
Working knowledge of SPOC.
Excellent knowledge of automation host systems.
Expert in using test equipment pertaining to job multi-meters HART calibrators diagnostic software pressure calibration equipment.
Able to perform general PM work: testing end devices temperature shutdowns pressure switches level shutdowns.
Understanding of pneumatic instrumentation: calibration and maintenance.
Electronically qualified per OSHA 1910.269 up to 600V.
Skillful in reading electronic schematics identifying components and understanding their functions.
Able to calibrate and troubleshoot complex PLC programs.
Good computer skills.
Must have valid driver’s license and excellent driving record.
Experience with Allen Bradley and Scadapack PLCs and Totalflow RTUs.
Occidental is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Individual with Disability/Veteran StatusAvjobs.com
Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum
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Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum

Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum

Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum

Automation Speciist job at Occidental Petroleum

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