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Apply for Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines today Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines
location on map is approximate

Ramp Agent

Piedmont Airlines
Middletown, PA
United States

Hourly: USD

JOB DESCRIPTION Ramp Agents work outdoors in a very fast-paced airport environment. Customer service agents must keep both the company goals and customer expectations in mind when completing their daily tasks. Employee will be responsible to meet or exceed all performance goals. Responsibilities include baggage loading operation of motorized service vehicles and equipment aircraft servicing. Other duties as assigned. JOB REQUIREMENTS Minimum Qualifications: 18 years of age or older High School Diploma or GED Valid Driver s License Ability to work all shifts all days including nights weekends holidays Work outside in all weather conditions Able to lift up to 70 pounds Successful completion of training course Preferred Qualifications: Previous airline experience Previous employment as a front-line customer service provider Basic knowledge of computer applications and programs Bachelor s Degree in Aviation Business or related field Work Environment: Airport ramp environment subject to varied weather conditions and elevated noise levels Work weekends nights holidays and/or irregular shifts Physical Requirements: Frequent stooping bending kneeling lifting up to 70 pounds The above statements provide a brief description of the general nature of work performed and is not intended to be a complete list of responsibilities duties and skills required for this position. Duties and expectations are subject to change as needed. Employment is contingent upon a clear Driving Record 10-year Criminal History Records Check and Drug Screen as required We also require proof of High School or GED completion Benefit package includes paid training holiday pay 401(k) vacation family travel on the American Airlines network medical and dental available M/F Disabled and Vet EEO/AA Employer Exceptional Aviators Major Opportunities Employers Job# J3G6B26K6SNCDZ01W05 Please visit job URL for more information about this opening and to view EOE statement.Avjobs.com
Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines
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Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines

Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines

Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines

Ramp Agent job at Piedmont Airlines

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