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Apply for Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC today Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC
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Airport Director

Premier Solutions Group LLC
Janesville, WI
United States

Salary Annual: USD
From: $60,000.00 To: $80,000.00
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1652 N. Main St.
Racine, WI 53402

Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport
4004 S. Oakhill Ave.
Janesville, WI 53546

Salary: Negotiable based on education and experience

Minimum Requirements of the Employer:


  • Bachelor’s Degree with major course work in Airport Administration, Public or Business Administration
  • Five (5) years work experience in the maintenance and/or operations of an airport.
  • One(1) to two (2) years of supervisory experience
  • Strong accounting background.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Considerable knowledge of federal rules and regulations relating to airport operations, (particularly Federal Aviation Regulations which includes FAR 139) TSA Rules and regulations and FAA Advisory Circulars.
  • Knowledge of building, grounds, vegetation and pavement repair and maintenance.
  • Working knowledge in the maintenance of airport facilities including runways, taxiways, terminal building, airfield lighting and hangar construction.
  • Working knowledge of computers and various computer software.
  • Ability to analyze airport problems and develop and implement sound policies and regulations for their solutions.
  • Ability to plan, assign and supervise personnel.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with business executives, government officials, county administration, employees and the general public.
  • Ability to prepare clear and concise reports.
  • Ability to express ideas clearly, orally and in writing.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Job:

Responsible for the administration and supervision of the operations and maintenance of the county’s airport. Responsibilities include planning, organization and implementation of operational and maintenance procedures. Work includes inspections of airport facilities, developing and/or modifying policies and procedures in compliance with applicable FAA, State and Local regulations

Basic Job Functions:

Administrate and supervise the operations and maintenance of the airport.

  • Plans, organizes implements and directs the operations and maintenance of the airport and its facilities.
  • Prepares the annual budget including calculating future revenues, estimated current spending and future employee and capital improvement expenditures. Operates within annual budget constraints.
  • Applies for and justifies federal and state airport improvement aid.
  • Acts as a liaison between the County, FAA and Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics.
  • Ensures compliance with standards of Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 139 and 49 CFR 1542.
  • Ensures compliance with current and future security requirements as set forth by the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Adminstration.
  • Ensures compliance with the Airport Minimum Standards and Rules and Regulations by enforcing them equally to all airport tenants.
  • Maintains, reviews and updates Airport Certification Specifications and complies with all of its provisions’
  • Coordinates airfield activities with air traffic control personnel.
  • Determines airfield conditions during inclement weather or periods of construction activity and with direct personnel to issue NOTAMS or issue them directly.
  • Conducts research and surveys concerning airport use, expansion programs, alterations or additions to existing facilities, placement of new installations, prepares recommendations for future airport programs and prepares capital improvement plan.
  • Prepares and administers lease agreements, contracts and customer billing.
  • Promotes, facilitates and supports the development of private sector services at the airport.
  • Specifies, selects ande oversees maintenance of airport equipment and vehicles.
  • Attends meetings as required.
  • Serves as public relations contact for the airport to the general public and the news media.
  • Serves on committees and commissions as required.
  • Assist with airport maintenance as needed.

Supervision of airport staff.

  • Supervise a staff of maintenance personnel and clerical staff including directing work, evaluating job performance, disciplining, etc.

This position is listed by a private employment agency. The agency is the legal employer. No fee will be charged of the job applicant.


Insurance: Health Insurance
Leave and Holidays: Vacation, Paid Holidays
Retirement & Financial: 401K Plan

Company Profile:

Full service staffing and human resource solutions provider.

How To Apply:

To apply for this job, send your résumé to

For more additional information, or any questions please contact Kent Demers at 262-930-2740, or by email at

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC
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Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC

Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC

Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC

Airport Director job at Premier Solutions Group LLC

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