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Apply for Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services today Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services
location on map is approximate

Flight ramedic Rch 008

REACH Air Medical Services
Roseberg, OR
United States

Hourly: USD

##### Company Overview
Thank you for taking the next step in the REACH Air Medical Services hiring process.
Flight Paramedics at REACH are Making a Difference EVERY day! We are currently in search of qualified Flight Paramedics to join our team!
Having real autonomy both as an individual and as part of a team.
Working for a company that continuously helps you improve your skills.
Being part of a team that cares about you and supports you.
The REACH Team of professionals waits your contribution to excellence.
Help us Make a Difference!
##### Position Summary
The REACH Flight Paramedic provides customer oriented high quality patient care in a safe and efficient manner. In every situation the Flight Paramedic does what is right for the patient based on a thorough assessment and implantation of appropriate care.
##### Duties and Responsibilities
Delivers customer oriented high quality paramedic care to each patient throughout the transport process.
Utilizes REACH clinical protocols to provide high quality patient care.
Performs paramedic expanded scope practice policies and procedures to deliver high quality patient care in the transport environment.
Demonstrates cognitive and motor skills necessary to perform paramedic scope practice policies and procedures.
Monitors records and reports to receiving staff patient condition and response to interventions.
Properly utilizes aircraft radios and navigation tools to assist in the safe and efficient transport of the patient.
Represents REACH in public relations and safety in-services to improve awareness and safety. Other duties and responsibilities may be added deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of management either orally or in writing.
##### Qualifications
Job Requirements and Qualifications
Current unrestricted EMT-P license in the State of practice. (Oregon position: must possess Oregon EMT-P license 30 days prior to date of hire.)
Minimum of three(3) years of pre-hospital EMS experience (minimum of three (3) years “911”).
CCT experience desirable
Flight Paramedic experience preferred
Current AHA ACLS AHA BCLS AHA PALS and NRP provider.
BTLS PHTLS or TNATC required within six (6) months of hire (talk with General Manager prior to class).
Must obtain local EMS accreditation in all counties worked in (when appropriate) within 30 days of hire.
FP-C desirable
CCT-EMTP desirable
National certification (FP-C and CCP-C) required within one (1) year of hire.
Accountability for strong customer service.
Ability to communicate professionally effectively and persuasively both orally and in writing at levels in the organization.
Ability to maintain composure under pressure work efficiently and accurately with frequent interruptions and set and reset multiple priorities.
Remains cognizant of local EMS county protocols and requirements.
Participates in public relation events and safety in-services.
Presents a professional image (on and off duty) as a REACH flight team member.
Maintains a positive team attitude with paramedic respiratory therapists pilot mechanic and communication specialist by working cohesively.
Has the ability to work independently and tolerate high stress levels while maintaining a good rapport with co-workers.
Maintains ongoing knowledge of relevant aviation SOP’s.
##### Working Conditions and Physical Environment
Physical Requirements:
Requires activities requiring a moderate amount of standing sitting and walking.
Able to conduct activities requiring a moderate to rigorous amount of static pushing pulling reaching and lifting (knuckle height and ankle height).
Capable of lifting 75lbs floor to bench height.
Ability to hear routine aircraft and medical equipment noises.
Maintains a “duty” weight (body weight + uniform/equipment – helmet not included) of less than 230lbs for Rotor Wing (Helicopter) operations.
Maintains a “duty” weight (body weight + uniform/equipment – helmet not included) of less than 250lbs for Fixed Wing operations.
Must be able to wear a commercially available respirator mask with proper fit when required.
Requires close and distant visual capability.
Periodic hands to key ability (typing).
Ability to work within a 24-hour job environment.
Environmental Conditions: The Flight Paramedic’s duties are performed in either indoor or outdoor environments. The Flight Paramedic may be exposed to routine office noises moderate electrical or mechanical hazards and frequent exposure to an aircraft hanger environment where the Flight Paramedic may be exposed to loud aircraft noise fumes gases odors dust particles and mechanical/electrical and chemical hazards. The Flight Paramedic must be present at work site to complete the job.
Protective Equipment:
Nomex full body flight suit
Leather or Nomex boots
Aviation Helmet
PPE – latex gloves goggles and HEPA mask
Hearing protection (plugs band or head set)
Work Place Conditions: The Flight Paramedic is physically based at an airport “crew quarters” for 24 hour shifts and must be prepared at a moments notice (within 4 minutes) to begin air ambulance missions the last from ½ hour to 4 hours in duration. The crew quarters are equipped with kitchen shower rest and sleeping facilities.
Work Schedule: The current standard shift at REACH for flight crewmembers is 7 rotating 24-hour shifts per every 4 week period. Sometimes a flight shift may extend past 24 hours. Must be available for one (1) 12 hour on-call shift in a four (4) week period.
##### Company Offerings
REACH offers competitive benefits including medical dental vision short- and long-term disability life insurance as well as a 401(k) plan. We also offer a flexible paid-time-off program and voluntary supplemental life insurance packages.
##### Important Information
REACH is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for the position applied for without regard to race color religion sex age national origin disability marital status sexual orientation military/veteran status or other non-merit factors.
We welcome and encourage applications from minorities women protected veterans and individuals with disabilities (including disabled veterans).
Job Type: Full Time
State: Oregon
City: RosebergAvjobs.com

Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services
Apply for this Flight ramedic Rch 008 position today


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Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services

Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services

Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services

Flight ramedic Rch 008 job at REACH Air Medical Services

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