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Apply for Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon today Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon
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Electronics Technician I

Ft Irwin, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

JOB DESCRIPTION FAN SITE RCS Support ( Electronic Technician I) Position is full-time non-exempt (SCA) working with the Life Cycle Contractor Support for the Warfighter FOCUS (WFF) program under the Warrior Training Alliance (WTA) at the National Training Center (NTC). WTA brings to bear the full capabilities of many of the world’s best systems integration and engineering companies in the technical integration of live virtual and constructive (LVC) training support. The WFF NTC is located at Fort Irwin CA in the Mojave Desert approximately forty miles northeast of Barstow CA. WTA operations support the NTC mission: to provide realistic joint and combined arms training focused on developing soldiers leaders and units of the United States military for success on the 21st Century Battle Field. Responsibilities: At times this will require the operator to fly in a military aircraft while in order to perform emergency generator services as needed. Check Generators for leaks and healthy operations between maintenance windows. Inspect Propane lines and tanks/repair leaks as needed. Inspect Site grounds and structures (Fence Block walls Shelter) for damage/debris clean and repair as needed. Troubleshoot/inspect Aviation light and solar components. Clean and Replace HVAC Filters as needed. Clean and inspect Inside Shelter as needed. Inspect all components inside/outside shelter for normal operations. Repair/replace/troubleshoot components as needed. Replace/inspect lighting and emergency lighting as well as smoke alarm repair replace as needed. Repair/Replace malfunctioning hardware such as door latches/handle/locking mechanisms and badge readers as needed. Monitor Solarwinds and Siteboss alarms. Troubleshoot/Repair/Replace any components that may have caused the alarms to activate. Assist with Site boss configurations. Assist with troubleshooting/repair and replace of any and all network devices under this project. Track and document daily tasks and repairs completed on a regular basis. Assist with contacting vendors in effort to research repair plans for failed components. Assist with testing events as needed. Set-up operates maintains repairs and installs various types of electronic equipment and related devices such as electronic transmitting and receiving equipment (e.g. radio television telecommunications and navigational aids) and industrial and measuring equipment. Applies technical knowledge of electronics principals in determining equipment malfunctions and applies skills in restoring equipment operations. Applies technical knowledge to solve problems. This position performs limited aspects of supply management functions which may include inventory storage and accounting for material used in the performance of their daily task. Any other duties as may be assigned. Responsibilities can include : Functional testing consisting of performing operational and diagnostic checks and scheduled preventive maintenance unscheduled (corrective) maintenance and repair; to include troubleshooting replacement of faulty parts and realignment and check out of system; employment of a variety of specialized test equipment and complex electronic schematics and diagrams in conducting fault isolation and use the data gained through the troubleshooting/repair process to prepare and revise maintenance instructions and procedures and to recommend and implement manufacturer/engineering changes. Will adhere to Company Site Manager Division Manager and Team leader directives memoranda policies and procedures. Support quality/ISO security and training programs . REQUIREMENTS Required Education: High School Diploma or equivalent Required Experience: Two years’ experience performing depot level maintenance. Desired Physical Abilities: Ability to perform duties and travel in extreme weather conditions (heat cold wind) and at height (helicopter travel mountain tops elevated walk areas towers). Special Requirements: Possess a valid California Driver’s License and maintain Post driving privileges. Obtain Military licenses and Night Vision certification if required. Must be able to lift a maximum of 50lbs and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Willing to work any shift weekends and Holidays. Must be able to obtain a US Government Security Clearance. 106430
Raytheon is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race color religion creed sex sexual orientation gender identity national origin disability or protected Veteran status.Avjobs.com

Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon
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Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon

Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon

Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon

Electronics Technician I job at Raytheon

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