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Apply for Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center today Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center
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Flight Instructor

Riverside Flight Center
Tulsa, OK
United States

Hourly: USD
From: $30.00 To: $50.00
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Riverside Flight Center is an FAA-Approved Part 141 International Flight Training Provider with more than 17 years of experience working with pilots from over 85 countries. The FAA has recognised the exceptional training provided by the aviation professionals at RFC and granted Examining Authority to the school as a result. With a first-time certification pass rate of over 95% annually for the last five years, RFC is proud to be the only international flight training provider with this distinguished FAA recognition in the state of Oklahoma, and indeed one of the largest throughout the US.

Riverside Flight Center is seeking qualified flight training professionals to join our elite team of instructors. Enjoy an exciting position working with students from around the world in a fun, laid-back work environment. Instructors at RFC enjoy bonuses, discounts, and above-average hourly pay. Motivated instructors can expect over 120 hours per month, and hourly rates starting from $30 per hour up to $50 per hour.

Take advantage of paid training and free housing during your training. (Limitations apply.) Know another instructor? If you recommend an additional instructor that works for a period of at least 6 months, you qualify for a referral bonus of $400.

Consider joining our team and enjoy the opportunity to get your ATPL minimums in about 1 year!

Instructors must:

-Have a right to work in the United States

-Hold a current medical certificate

-Hold a current flight instructor certificate, at least Single-Engine Airplane

-Hold at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Single-Engine Land Airplane ratings

-Be motivated to work and require minimal supervision

-Enjoy working with a variety of students from all backgrounds

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Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center
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Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center

Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center

Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center

Flight Instructor job at Riverside Flight Center

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