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Apply for Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics today Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics
location on map is approximate

Executive Asst to the President

Elma, NY
United States

Hourly: USD

Worker Category :Full Time
Job Class: Admin Support Worker

JOB SUMMARY: Working under the indirect supervision, the Executive Assistant to the President is responsible for performing advanced administrative duties, often involving matters of a confidential and highly sensitive nature. The Executive Assistant will act as the first point of contact for the President, overseeing complex calendars and schedules, screening and directing incoming phone calls, and liaising with internal staff, management, and Board Members as well as external business contacts on the President’s behalf.

QUALIFICATIONS: Associate’s degree and 3-6 years of experience supporting a top executive. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Experience implementing efficient systems to manage Presidential office operations, event planning, domestic and international travel planning, and schedule coordination required. Must have the ability to anticipate and proactively respond to executive needs. Meticulous attention to detail; strong organizational skills required. Must have ability to effectively and efficiently balance competing tasks and projects. Must be tech savvy with proficiency in MS Office Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. Must be able to solve problems with little assistance and communicate effectively with all employees.

Visit us for a current list of available positions and additional application instructions at www.servotronics.com and please reference Avjobs when applying.

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Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics
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Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics

Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics

Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics

Executive Asst to the President job at Servotronics

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