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Apply for Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport today Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport
location on map is approximate

Ramp Agent Freighter

Rosemont, IL
United States

Hourly: USD

This job was posted by https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov : For more information please see: https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov/ada/r/jobs/4918429 Marshall aircraft during arrival and departure.Unload passenger luggage and air cargo bulk and/or containers/pallets onto carts and/or dollies.Unload wheelchairs and child strollers and deliver to designated location.Provide special handling of luggage/cargo as required/directed.Deliver passenger luggage to claim area and unload onto conveyor systemDeliver air cargo to appropriate recipient.Drive and/or operate ground support equipment to include tow tractors tow bars belt loaders container loaders baggage tugs water/lavatory service trucks aircraft ground power units aircraft air start units air stairs aircraft de-icing units baggage carts cargo dollies and passenger vans. Collect and load mail live animals wheelchairs and child strollers onto aircraft.Service aircraft water and lavatories.Inspect ramp areas adjacent to gate and aircraft for debris and remove/dispose of when found.Report all equipment malfunctions to the appropriate supervisor/manager.Comply with all federal state municipal airport authority and carrier security requirementsOther duties as assignedAvjobs.com
Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport
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Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport

Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport

Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport

Ramp Agent Freighter job at Swissport

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