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Airframe and Powerplant Technician Featured

Evansville, Indiana
Hourly $15.00 - $20.00
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A&P Technician


A&P Certificate required (3-5 years preferred experience) maintaining the following: Beechjet, Kingair, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Cessna and Piper.

Must provide own basic tools

-Performs maintenance and alteration of articles as directed.
-Uses current, applicable technical data.
-Adheres to all company, FAA and OSHA regulated policies and procedures.
-Maintains outstanding attendance record.
-Maintain proficiency with tools, techniques and acceptable practices used to perform maintenance and alteration duties.
-Documenting all work performed including references to technical data used on work order squawk form and other forms as required.
-Documenting all parts and/or equipment removed from or installed on aircraft on the removal and installation forms.
-Ensuring material has been properly received prior to installing on aircraft.
-Verify material shelf life has not expired prior to use.
-Verify calibrated tooling calibration due date and condition prior to use.
-Document identified discrepancies on Discrepancy Collection Form.
-Do not deviate from technical data unless appropriate approvals are obtained.
-Promote an efficient and professional work environment.
-Needs to be available for on-call maintenance through the week and weekends.
-Able to travel away from primary facility for training and work.
-Perform other duties as assigned.
-Able to effectively communicate with management, peers and external parties
-Ability to prioritize and organize work flow
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-Able to multi-task
-Known for working well with all levels of managers, staff, clients and vendors
-Able to handle sensitive documents in a very confidential manner
-Demonstrated analytical and critical thinking skills
-Able to take initiative and execute assigned tasks in a timely and flawless manner
-Strong teamwork skills with a profound ability to work under extreme pressure
-Strong passion for working in a fast paced and result oriented environment
-Exceptional interpersonal skills

Tri-State Aero, Inc. was founded in Mt. Vernon, Indiana on April 1, 1963. The company moved to its current location, in Evansville, Indiana on January 1, 1965. Tri-State Aero is an fixed base operation with 30 employees, 6 of which work under an FAA certified repair station. Tri-State Aero is a general aviation oriented facility that offers fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, aircraft detailing and hangar rental. Tri-State Aero is focused on providing the aviation industry with a wide range of products and services. We accomplish this through highly qualified, well-motivated, customer-focused employees who are committed to the Tri-State Aero mission: To consistently deliver to our customers the highest quality aviation products and services while striving to exceed customer expectations. This mission is fulfilled through the consistent application of our company’s core business values by all employees: INTEGRITY SAFETY SERVICE GROWTH

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