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Apply for Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group today Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group
location on map is approximate

Program Manager Supply Chain

Triumph Group
Red Oak, TX
United States

Hourly: USD

Responsible for the Program Management and direct support of leading a team of Purchasing professionals in a fast paced environment with a variety of purchasing initiatives required all while maintaining records and files pertinent to purchasing information and Compliance requirements. This individual must be capable of managing the purchasing of complex components and assemblies as well as raw materials. Must be able to lead negotiations and be familiar with pricing data. The incumbent will manage supplier compliance to purchase order schedule ensuring alignment of supplier capacity and delivery in support of manufacturing schedules and inventory objectives. A strong background in Customer support and Supplier Development both domestic and international will need to be evident. Previous Aerospace Industry experience is required.
+ Continuously develop and support a team of Purchasing professionals while ensuring that purchase orders are completed and components / assemblies / raw materials are delivered in a timely manner to support production operations.
+ Support the supplier selection process through active participation and negotiations both domestic and international.
+ Close management of Customer requirements in relation to procurement requirements and suppliers to ensure that changes are implemented at suppliers to support engineering revisions and production time-line activities.
+ Continuous coordination with suppliers for program reviews and performance improvements.
+ Responsible for the development maintenance and publishing of purchasing metrics.
+ Responsible for performance of all purchasing activities in accordance with company procedures Sarbanes-Oxley and other governmental requirements.
+ Having strong negotiation skills and understanding the values behind all major subcontracts in accordance with division and company goals and objectives are required.
+ This individual will be held responsible for building and developing a strong team while keeping the morale level high through steady and constant communication.
+ Responsible for executing creating and promoting inventory reduction initiatives required.
+ Leadership role for the execution and effective management of the PPV Program.
+ Leadership role in the Risk Mitigation of Supplier selection and performance.
#LI – JH1
+ Ten (10) years of related experience working Sourcing Development and Procurement Management is required.
+ Bachelors Degree in business materials management finance engineering or related field or equivalent experience.
+ Previous Aerospace Industry experience is required.
+ A thorough understanding and working experience of complex high precision structural assembly procurement is required.
+ A solid track record in Low Cost Country Sourcing Supplier Development and Risk Mitigation
+ Previously achieved success with managing Customer and Supplier relationships (both domestic and international) with ability to demonstrate previous achievements while being responsible for performance to budget.
+ Demonstrated background in developing innovative sourcing solutions with measurable results
+ Knowledge and experience with global sourcing required.
+ Possessing a high level of energy is a must have to succeed in the role.
Requisition Number: 14112
Security Clearance Required?: Unspecified
Relocation: Some
External Company Name: Triumph Group Inc.
External Company URL: www.triumphgroup.com Avjobs.com

Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group
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Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group

Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group

Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group

Program Manager Supply Chain job at Triumph Group

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