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Apply for Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences today Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences
location on map is approximate

Graphic Designers

Volt Information Sciences
Sparks, MD
United States

Hourly: USD

Graphic Designers
# Sparks MD
Job Snapshot
# Location: Sparks MD
# Category: Marketing and Sales
# Employee Type: Contingent
# Duration: 56 weeks
Pay Rate: $25.00 - $31.25 /Hour
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# Contact
# Date Posted: 10/12/2017
# Job ID: 74600
# Contact: Volt
# Phone: 919/829-1660
# Fax:
Volt has been a leader in the Staffing Industry for 60 years and currently has more than100 branches nationwide to serve both our clients and candidates needs. We connect office professionals with leading employers in the area. Whether you are looking for a contract/temporary position or a direct hire we are here to serve you. Find out more about us by visiting www.volt.com .
Volt is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Our client is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world serving the industrial vehicle service and assembly aerospace electronics construction and serious DIY markets.
We are currently seeking a full-time Graphic Designer to join our marketing team in the Creative Services Department within our North American Hand Tools business. This candidate will have responsibilities to cover projects across multiple brands and channels. This candidate will work closely with marketing team members to create exciting design to help grow our brands.
# Working with the marketing team you must:
+ Design all commercialization product launch collateral including but not limited to produce packaging print ads brochures POP and trade show signage
+ Develop compelling graphic icons/info graphics to better explain product features/benefits
+ Update and maintain catalogs
+ Support growth initiatives with creative ideas and input
+ Have a solid understanding of die lines and working with various packaging structures
+ Have a solid understanding of CMYK and spot color print process. Ability to prepare digital files for print vendor
+ Website design is a plus
+ Experience with content management systems a plus
This candidate must be flexible and adaptable to a dynamic work environment. Also the right candidate will be able to juggle multiple projects at a time maintain organization and deliver to established due dates.
# Requirements:
+ Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or similar
+ Must have 5+ years of experience
+ Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite in a Mac Environment. Specifically Illustrator Photoshop InDesign
+ Proficiency in of Microsoft Office including basic Word Excel and Power Point skills
+ Strong communication and presentation skills
+ Ability to brainstorm within a creative team
+ Strong typography layout and general design skills
+ Strong organizational skills both in design and file management
+ Able to take minimal direction to get projects going
+ Excellent proofing skills
+ Excellent attention to detail
+ Ability to be self-sufficient and find solutions to problems on the fly
Working hours are M-F onsite 8-5 this is not a remote working position. Please be prepared to show a portfolio detailing your work.Avjobs.com
Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences
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Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences

Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences

Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences

Graphic Designers job at Volt Information Sciences

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