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Apply for Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward today Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward
location on map is approximate

Machine Repair Technician

Duarte, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

## Description
Position Purpose
The Machine Repair Technician Mechanical 3 reports to the Facilities Manager and is the senior position with mentoring responsibilities for a group of technicians. The Level 3 Technician is responsible for the assembly test maintenance and repair of hydraulic mechanical and instrumentation systems applying thorough knowledge of mechanical technologies and principles. This position utilizes internal and external resources to solve complex operational problems related to the above systems and works independently to resolve problems with production equipment. The Level 3 Technician participates in the design process and provides feedback to engineers on new or modified systems. In addition this position is responsible for negotiating with vendors and machinery service organizations to resolve equipment problems in the most expedient and cost effective manner. The Level 3 Technician interfaces with production supervisors/managers on problem resolution and scheduling issues.
Essential Functions
Assembles new or modified mechanical components or assemblies for equipment such as production machinery production or development test equipment and support systems.
Assists with hazardous waste pickup movement and storage in accordance with regulatory requirements as required
Resolves moderately complex electrical problems with little or no assistance.
Reads and interprets mechanical drawings and assemply drawings for mechanical systems or machinery.
Coordinates and participates in installation of equipment in test fixtures connecting valves pumps hydraulic mechanical controls and instrumentation.
Diagnoses and corrects the challenging problems in production machinery and/or test equipment. Devises solutions to complex problems including fabrication of parts system modifications to provide additional functionality and performs analysis on existing systems to determine process capability.
Performs routine preventive maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic systems and documents completion of these tasks.
Mentors new technicians on principles of operation and diagnostic techniques for production machinery and/or test equipment.
Documents mechanical or electrical problems and utilizes internal and external resources to find solutions to those problems.
Examines parts for conformance to system or component specifications using precision measuring instruments; performs precision alignment of machinery and balancing of rotating components.
Analyzes advanced test results in relation to design or rated specification and test objectives; modifies or adjusts equipment to meet specifications.
Participates in design reviews for new or modified mechanical systems provides feedback to design engineers on system functionality and reliability.
Manages work flow for a group of technicians including assignment of daily work ensuring successful completion of individual work orders and maintenance of electronic records for the group.
Instructs new technicians in the proper methods of preventive maintenance on hydraulic systems.
## Qualifications
Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
The ability to write effectively to read and understand work documents to communicate information clearly to coworkers and supervisors and the ability to listen attentively and comprehend key pieces of spoken information. Capable of interfacing effectively with all levels of management.
Advanced ability to read and use a wide range of precision mechanical measurement devices.
The ability to use computer and web-based systems to input access modify or output information.
Ability to work in a team atmosphere with emphasis on customer service.
Advanced electrical knowledge and can resolve problems with distribution equipment motor controls and interlock circuits.
The ability to adhere to department safety rules regarding eye and ear protection personal protection hazard labeling MSDS sheets evacuation procedures.
Advanced ability to read mechanical drawings and hydraulic schematics.
Knowledge of all national state and local electrical codes.
The ability to define diagnose and resolve problems. This also includes the ability to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills. This includes seeking logically examining and interpreting information from different sources to determine a problems cause and developing a course of action to resolve the problem and to prevent its reoccurrence.
Good leadership skills; ability to delegate and follow up to ensure successful completion of assigned work. Ability to effectively teach troubleshooting skills to less experienced technicians.
The ability to accurately provide the information requested on specific forms reports and logs. This includes generating or transcribing appropriate words numbers or symbols to complete written or computerized forms reports or logs.
Knowledge of continuous improvement processes to improve operational effectiveness.
Education or Formal Training:
High School diploma or equivalent.
Experience Required:
5 years of related work experience required.
Woodward is an independent designer manufacturer and service provider of control solutions for the aerospace and energy markets. Our aerospace systems and components optimize the performance of fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms in commercial business and military aircraft ground vehicles and other equipment. Our energy-related systems and components enhance the performance of industrial gas and steam turbines reciprocating engines compressors wind turbines electrical grids and other energy-related industrial equipment. The company’s innovative fluid energy combustion control electrical energy and motion control systems help customers offer cleaner more reliable and more efficient equipment. Our customers include leading original equipment manufacturers and end users of their products.
Woodward is an Equal Opportunity Employer
EO/AA/M/F/Disabled/Protected Veterans
## Job
Job: Repair and Maintenance
Primary Location: United States-California-Duarte
Organization: Woodward
Schedule: FULL TIME
Shift: 2nd Shift / Evening Job
Job Posting: Oct 11 2017 3:01:34 PM
Req ID: 1701270Avjobs.com
Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward
Apply for this Machine Repair Technician position today


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Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward

Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward

Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward

Machine Repair Technician job at Woodward

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