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Quality Assurance Inspector Urgent

Sacramento, California
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The job of an aircraft Quality Assurance (QA) Inspector is to insure that all of the maintenance that has been done on an aircraft meets the technical standards that have been established by the aircraft manufacturer and the Federal Aviation Administration. Aircraft maintenance that is done incorrectly can cost human lives. Quality Assurance Inspectors are responsible to objectively enforce proper aircraft maintenance procedures.


  • Ensures that all inspections are properly performed and the documents required for compliance are properly executed.
  • Work with vendor’s to correct (if necessary), any discrepancies as noted during work order reviews.
  • Perform Return to Service (RTS) work order reviews as necessary.
  • Assists the Manager of Fleet Airworthiness/Chief Inspector in assuring the airworthiness and reliability of aircraft, components and accessories.
  • Works to ensure that standards and regulations established by the XOJET, Inc., General Maintenance Manual, FAA Directives and Regulations and Manufacturers' Service Bulletins are complied with.
  • Assist in monitoring and maintaining the historical records of all aircraft, engines, and accessories operated by XOJET, Inc.
  • Produce the necessary documentation to prove conformity to the FAA.
  • Prepare and submit required reports to the FAA.
  • Assist in monitoring time limitations and specifications of all time and cycle controlled inspections, special inspections, replacement of parts and overhauls as contained in the Aircraft maintenance manuals and relevant tech publications.
  • Assist in establishing inspection procedures and standards as necessary to assure airworthiness and regulatory compliance.
  • Assist in maintaining a current list of employees qualified in the inspection of required inspection items, (RII) & in monitoring the RII list of all contract agencies performing work for XOJET, Inc. to insure qualified RII personnel are used.
  • Compile data for the Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Program when required.
  • Stay current with applicable airworthiness directives, CFARs, operation specifications, type certificate data sheets, service bulletins, maintenance manuals, and revisions.
  • Have a working knowledge of minimum equipment lists.
  • Perform vendor audits to include FBO, Repair Station and Preferred Partner (Charter) Operators.
  • Audit QA and Maintenance documented procedures to ensure compliance.
  • May be assigned additional duties by the Manager of Fleet Airworthiness/Chief Inspector.


  • Required to have a current Airframe & Powerplant certificate
  • Minimum five years aviation experience
  • Prior inspection experience is preferred
  • Must be familiar with computerized maintenance tracking programs (i.e. CAMP)
  • Must be familiar with turbine powered aircraft
  • Must be able to read and understand technical publications and drawings
  • Motivated to stay current on applicable technical material and study guides provided for that purpose.
  • Very detail oriented
  • Effectively communicate to team members, vendors, maintenance personnel and FAA representative.?


  • Department: Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Reports To: Manager of Fleet Airworthiness/Chief Inspector
  • FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt

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