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Apply for Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc today Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc
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Lead Crew Scheduler

Atlas Air Inc
Purchase, NY
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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Position Summary: Responsible for supervising the Crew Schedulers on shift, ensure operational crew coverage, manage crew-related costs on a flight-by-flight basis and in compliance with Department standards.

Values and Behavioral Standards: Communicate effectively and apply of Company values and behavioral standards, as stated in the Company’s “Code of Conduct” policy, and to respond appropriately in the event of any known departure.

Major Job Accountabilities:

  • Ability to understand and work at an abstract level and utilize technology as a tool to solve complex scheduling problems.
  • Ability to anticipate operational disruptions and solve them in a proactive manner.
  • Demonstrate expected behavior as well as the ability to remain calm and even-tempered during stressful situations. Maintain a “customer friendly” attitude when communicating with Crewmembers and other Company personnel.
  • Assign daily shift responsibilities for the Crew Schedulers including rest breaks and ensure completion of all assigned tasks.
  • Ensure compliance with Department SOP, FAR and CBA rules.
  • Develop recovery plans caused by irregular operations and coordinate with all necessary GCC departments to ensure successful completion.
  • Close coordination with the Operations Manager of any crew related operational issues. Present recovery plan(s) with multiple options that will allow the Operations Manager to make informed decisions.
  • Coordination with Short and Long Term Planning on relevant issues.
  • Report significant operational or departmental events to the Senior Manager of Scheduling Operations
  • Continual system audits to ensure cost and crewing efficiencies.
  • Responsible for the administration of the Department training program for the Crew Schedulers.
  • Coordinate a smooth transition with the oncoming shift by presenting the turn-over briefing and ensure the shift is “set up for success”.


  • A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in either airline operations or crew scheduling/planning
  • Must possess knowledge of airline scheduling software, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) and the ability to use a desktop computer
  • Must posses leadership, command presence, sophistication and the maturity necessary to support the activities in the Crew Resource department
  • Self starter that requires minimal supervision
  • Must have strong interpersonal, analytical, administrative and communications skills
  • Must demonstrate the desire and ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Detailed knowledge of world geography as it relates to aircraft movements and crew positioning/de-positioning to and from flights

Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc
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Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc

Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc

Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc

Lead Crew Scheduler job at Atlas Air Inc

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