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Management / 39 Years Experience

Propulsion Systems And Airframe Integration Engr

Fort Worth, Texas
Willing to Relocate, Best Time to Call: AM

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Licensed-Certified Professional Aerospace Engineer-Mechanic -Special Projects - Structures-Propulsion, Energetics & Ancillary Airframe Systems Integration,Modification-for MRO, MCDA,OEM programs, production and prototype programs. Commercial or Military

Previous Employers


Lockheed Aeronautics, Jetwind, Self Employed - Consultant And Faa Airframe Mech., Nasa-Jacobs-Barrios Technologies, Lockheed (purchased General Dynamics 1993), Weatherford College, General Dyanmics - Lockheed, General Dynamics Fort Worth Div, Boeing Commercial And Militray A-C Co., General Dynamics, General Dynaimcs

Previous Job Titles


Mechanic, Aircraft Services And Lawn Maintenace, Aerospace Propulsion Consultant - Pelican Project, Propulsion Principal Special Projects Engr, M C D A-Military Fighters-Transports-Special Projects-Propulsion And Air Vehicle Integration, Special Industry Adjunct Instructor - Catia V5-Autcad 20xx, Special Programs Mechanic - Engineer Team Lead, M C D A-Military Fighters And Heavy Transport Special Projects-Propulsion And Air Vehicle Integratio, M C D A Special Projects-Propulsion-Structures-Dsgn & Flt. Test Cert., F-111 Propulsion Engineering, F-111 Wing Sweep And Nacelle Spike Actuation System Mechanic, F-111 Hydraulics A & B Mechanic, F-111 Structures And Fuel Systems Mechanic A

Education & Training


Certified Permaswage Permaswage Fittings Tech, Restricted Radiotele Op Boeing Flt. Test Fcc-Rrop, EPA Clean Air Sec 609 Technician MVAC Technician Cert, FAA - Airframe And Systems Mechanic A FAA - Airframe Mechanic And Systems - A, Special Fittings Applications And Installations Deutsch Permaswage Number10292, State License Engineer - Aerospace Engineering Texas Registered PE - Aerospace, AUTOCAD V1 to AutoCAD2006 AUTOCAD V1 to AutoCAD2006, Ispec 2200-S1000d Training Support Boeing-F22 Mod Prgm Ispec2200-S1000d Training, Catia V3, V4, V5 User And Instructor Catia V3, V4, V5 User And Instructor, C-5m - Test Cell-Installed-General Maint. Vendor & Co. Training, F-16 - Initial Cert & Flt Test Support Vendor & Co. Training, Project Managemnet And Systems Engineering Project Management And Systems Engr.msfc-Hdbk-3173, EVMSTraining to DCMA EIA 748-A ANSI STD Special Projects Management Training EVMSTraining to DCMA EIA 748-A ANSI STD, , FAA Aviation Mechanic Certification FAA Mechanic Certificate, Engineering - Welding Trainning Company Cert: Mil-B-7883, Aws-3.4 & 3.5, Engineering - Welding in Industry Training Company Cert. AMS-STD-1595,MIL-STD-2219,AWS-17.1, Vendor & Co. Training, Composite Handbook Training Company Cert: Mil-Hnbk-17() Composite Material D-R, Flight Qualification - Commercial & Military A-C Onboard Flight Test Engr., CAD-CAM Training for Boeing CAD-CAM Training for Boeing, Aeronautical And Astronautical Engineering Bs Aero-Astronautical Engineering, Special Projects Company Certified, BASICs Basic Studies Only


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