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Pilot Fixed Wing / 36 Years Experience

Retired Pilot

Littleton, Colorado
Willing to Relocate, Best Time to Call: AM

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I LOVE TO FLY, study, and prepare for flights with the info that affects safety and passenger smiles! , Twitter:BarbieMarsh7

Previous Employers


United Airlines - Part 121, Aspen Airways - Part 121, Midstate Airlines - Part 135, American Central Airlines - Part 135, North Central Public Services, University Of Minnesota Flight Facilities

Previous Job Titles


Captain, First Officer, Flight Engineer, Convair-580 First Officer, Captain And First Officer, Navajo Chieftain Captain, Cessna 421 Corporate Pilot, Instrument Flight Instructor, Sims, And Ground School Instructor

Education & Training


IPC- Flight Currency Instrument Flight Check Ride Current-Proficiency Flight Check 1.7hrs-IPC, Commercial Seaplane 9.2 Hours Including Glassy Landings Commercial Seaplane, Boeing 767 ATP-Boeing 767 Type Rating, ATP-Boeing 757 Type Rating, Boeing 727 ATP-Boeing 727 Type Rating, Boeing727 Flight Engineer Rating Boeing 727 Flight Engineer Rating, Glider SCS-2-33 3.04 Training Hours Including Checkride Glider Rating, ATP-MEL, Flight Training There Before Hired COM-MEL 5-23-80, After Hired CFII 4-2-1981, Aviation, Finance, Management, Industrial Relation Minor-Economics Batchelor of Science - Aviation


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