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Applicants that create a professional, job-ready resume with Avjobs Resume Builder get more attention from hiring managers and get hired faster.

Your Hosted Avjobs Resume Builder Resume (Master Profile) makes the most comprehensive and accurate overview of your professional aviation experience available to hiring managers to search, view, and to contact you directly about available positions. And it's the fastest way for employers to find you. The information in your Master Profile enables 1 click application features, and helps Avjobs staff members to match your experience with job postings and recommend your resume to hiring managers.

Your completed Avjobs Master Profile is organized and hosted for the convenience of employers and provides a standardized way for hiring managers to compare applicants. Completing the Avjobs Master Profile provides information that is not normally found on a resume and also provides specifics requested by hiring managers.

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Thank You very much for your assistance and hope you keep on doing such a good job as usual. Regard FERNANDO

Thank you for your services - my husband found a job through your web site, and starts next Monday! It was very helpful to be able to find such a wealth of information in one place. Keep up the good work! Jennifer