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Apply for Integration Technician job at General Atomics today Integration Technician job at General Atomics
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Integration Technician

General Atomics
Palmdale, CA
United States

Hourly: USD
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Company: General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
Title: Integration Technician
Job Category: Material and Production Control
City: Palmdale
State: California
Regular/Temp: Regular Employee
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time Hourly

Job Summary:
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) an affiliate of General Atomics is a world leader in proven reliable remotely piloted aircraft and tactical reconnaissance radars as well as advanced high-resolution surveillance systems.
We have an exciting opportunity as an Integration Technician at our Palmdale CA Facility.
This position under close supervision is responsible for assisting in a variety of structural composite mechanical and/or electrical operations to ensure appropriate aircraft structural avionics and electrical systems are installed tested and operational. The position may assist in performing system modifications due to a technical updates and/or a customer request which require disassembly modification reassembly and testing of mechanical and/or electrical system. Following technical documentation may monitor test and verify quality and complete required documentation for review.

Duties and Responsibilities:
+ Under close supervision with detailed instructions and constant review.
+ Assist in installing and testing aircraft structural composite avionics and electrical systems to ensure they are operational and meet required quality standards.
+ Completes for review required documentation for installation and testing.
+ Assists in various system modifications due to technical updates and/or customer requests including final operational testing and assurance they meet quality standards.
+ Responsible for observing all laws regulations and other applicable obligations wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company.
+ Expected to work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices.
+ Other duties as assigned or required.

Job Qualifications:
+ Typically requires High School diploma and two or more years of progressive experience in mechanical/electrical assemble and/or maintenance or an Associates degree in a related field or military/trade school equivalence. Additional related technical experience may be substituted in lieu of the formal education.
+ The position requires an understanding of: (1) structural composite mechanical and electrical systems and associated regulations; and (2) related assembly/installation processes tools composites templates fixtures testing and measuring devices as well as judgment to determine correct tool(s) and some experience: (1) reading interpreting and explaining blueprints drawings and maintenance manuals; (2) installing inspecting modifying adjusting and testing various mechanical assemblies and structures; and (3) completing required technical documentation.
+ Basic communication interpersonal and computer skills are required to interface with supervisors other staff and/or other departments.
+ Able too work independently and in a team environment and able to work extended hours when required.
+ A Composite trade school certificate Federal Aviation Administration A&P license and military aircraft maintenance and assembly training are desirable.
+ Must be a US citizen

Travel Percentage Required: 0% - 25%

Clearance Required? NoAvjobs.com
Integration Technician job at General Atomics
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Integration Technician job at General Atomics

Integration Technician job at General Atomics

Integration Technician job at General Atomics

Integration Technician job at General Atomics

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