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Apply for Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC today Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC
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Aircraft Maintenance Technician

NorthStar Trekking LLC
Juneau, AK
United States

Hourly: USD
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NorthStar Trekking LLC (dba NorthStar Helicopters) in Juneau Alaska is currently accepting resumes for seasonal/full time year-round USA FAA Certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (A&P). Start date is on or after July 25th, 2017.

This Aircraft Maintenance Technician position is a starting position with responsibilities that include:

  • Inspections,
  • Daily and preventative maintenance,
  • Major repairs and alterations,
  • Any additional duties as assigned.

Candidates MUST:

  • Be a US Citizen and be eligible to work in the US,
  • Possess both FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificates,
  • Possess a current and clean State issued drivers license,
  • Possess a current US Passport,
  • Possess and own basic hand tools (including some metric),
  • Possess and own a laptop computer and be proficient in its use,
  • Possess applicable work clothing (rain & winter gear),
  • Pass a FAA/Government background check,
  • Pass, with "negative" results, a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening prior to being offered employment.

Ideal candidates must also be:

  • Flexible to scheduling (days, nights and weekends),
  • Willing to accept tasks as assigned,
  • Willing to work in all weather conditions (rain, wind, snow) when necessary,
  • Willing to travel when requested,
  • Willing to work in remote areas as needed,
  • Able to lift up to 40-50 pounds unassisted,
  • Able to climb, stand and work on ladders and platforms,
  • Able to climb onto and open aircraft cowlings and doors unassisted,
  • Able to work in small confined spaces,
  • Willing to submit to random drug and/or alcohol screening(s),
  • Practice safe work habits.

The ideal candidate is expected to possess the following attributes:

  • Good attitude,
  • Initiative,
  • Punctuality,
  • Clean and neat appearance,
  • Cooperative,
  • Accept responsibility,
  • Knowledgeable,
  • Exercise good judgment,
  • Produce quality work.

NorthStar Trekking's compensation and benefits include:

  • Pay scale depending upon experience level,
  • Housing (short term only and when available),
  • Medical and dental,
  • Vacation (starting after one year),
  • Participation in company 401(k).

NorthStar Trekking LLC operates the Airbus Helicopters (formally Eurocopter) AS350 Series Helicopters with Safran Helicopter Engines (formally Turbomeca) Arriel Series Engines.

NorthStar Trekking LLC is a 14 CFR Part 135 On Demand Air Taxi Operator that is involved in Tourism, Heli-skiing, DOI/BLM/USFS, External Load, Executive transport and many other areas of the helicopter industry. We are standing members of: Helicopter Association International (HAI), Tour Operators of Safety (TOPS) and the Alaska Air Carriers Association (AACA).

NorthStar Trekking's web-site is: www.northstartrekking.com. To discuss employment options please contact Michael Lammlein, Director of Maintenance, telephone: 907-790-1812, Fax 907-790-4419, or email: ns_a- When emailing please make every effort to send your resume in PDF format.

NorthStar Trekking LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC
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Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC

Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC

Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC

Aircraft Maintenance Technician job at NorthStar Trekking LLC

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