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Apply for Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines today Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines
location on map is approximate

Flight Attendant

Skywest Airlines
Houston, TX
United States

Hourly: USD

Primary Job Duties: SkyWest Airlines the largest independently owned regional airline is currently in search of individuals who take pride in seeing a job done well. We pride ourselves in being an on-time airline and are seeking dedicated individuals that understand a deadline-driven environment while also maintaining high quality standards of operational safety and customer service. As a SkyWest employee you will be part of an exciting team of professionals that love working in the travel industry and sharing their enthusiasm with the passengers. From the seasoned traveler to the first time flier we want to make it a great experience. _The primary role of a SkyWest Flight Attendant is to ensure the safety of our passengers while they are onboard our aircraft. Other important responsibilities include caring for our passengers and offering exceptional customer service while serving meals and drinks. This is a dynamic and exciting position that allows you to travel meet new challenges and be invigorated every day as you portray the essence of SkyWest to our customers!_ Primary Job Duties: + Ensure safety and comfort of customers onboard the aircraft + Prepare/serve meals and beverages including alcohol + Greet passengers assist with carry-on baggage stowage and deliver onboard announcements + Provide leadership in emergency and non-emergency situations + Calmly resolve passenger situations during flight including disorderly passengers and medical emergencies + Ensure compliance with safety regulations + Adhere to established procedures and performance standards Minimum Requirements: + Height must be between 50 and 60 without shoes (we are unable to make exceptions due to safety requirements) + Tattoos must not be visible at any time while in uniform. Examples of visible tattoo locations include but are not limited to: hands arms chest neck face legs and feet. Tattoos cannot be concealed by use of make-up bandages and/or jewelry. + Must be 21 years of age at the time of the interview + Must be able to sit in an assigned jump seat with seatbelt and harness fastened perform tasks that require frequent walking bending below ankle level and reaching above shoulder level open emergency exits and close aircraft doors weighing up to 45 pounds push and pull beverage cart weighing up to 60 pounds and lift store transport and reach for items with or without a reasonable accommodation + High school diploma or GED required + Willing to work nights weekends and holidays + Excellent English communication skills + Must possess and/or obtain and maintain a current passport (and applicable Visa if necessary) with the ability to travel in/out of the U.S. Canada Mexico and Bahamas without restriction + Must be willing to relocate to any of our crew domiciles: + Salt Lake City UT + Colorado Springs CO + Denver CO + Detroit MI + Portland OR + Phoenix AZ + Tucson AZ + Chicago IL + Houston TX + Minneapolis MN + Seattle WA + California cities of Los Angeles Fresno Palm Springs San Francisco Physical and Other Requirements: Flight Hours: After successfully completing phase one and two of Initial New Hire training new hire flight attendants are guaranteed 76 flight hours as a reserve (whether you fly 1 flight hour or 76 flight hours you are paid for 76 flight hours) Pay: + The rate is $17.68 per flight hour + Monthly beginning base compensation - 76 flight hours x $17.68 per flight hour = $1343.68 per month (Note: this does not include per diem ) + After six months it increases to $18.31 per flight hour + After one year of service the rate increases to $21.51 per flight hour + Trainees are paid $17.68 per hour at 2:13 per day Per Diem: In addition you are paid $1.85 per diem for every hour you are on duty away from your domicile TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A FLIGHT ATTENDANT
All candidates must attend one of the scheduled recruitment events/flight attendant group interviews. No invitation is required to attend a flight attendant group interview; however applicants must complete an online application available on prior to attending. Please bring a current resume to the group interview. CURRENT SKYWEST EMPLOYEES: To be considered for a Flight Attendant position you must submit an online application available on SkyWest Online and attend a group interview. Please bring a current resume to the group interview. Requisition ID _2016-2858_ Job Locations _US-UT-SALT LAKE CITY_ _US-CO-COLORADO SPRINGS_ _US-CO-DENVER_ _US-CA-FRESNO_ _US-TX-HOUSTON_ _US-CA-LOS ANGELES_ _US-MN-MINNEAPOLIS_ _US-IL-CHICAGO_ _US-CA-PALM SPRINGS_ _US-AZ-PHOENIX_ _US-OR-PORTLAND_ _..._ Posted Date _12/21/2016_ Category _Flight Attendant_ Minimum Hiring Range _.._ Close Date _12/31/2017_ SkyWest is committed to a maintaining a working environment of satisfying employment and mutual respect for all of our employees regardless of race color national ancestry sex sexual orientation gender identity marital status national origin religion medical condition disability pregnancy age or military status. We have specific training plans and programs in place to maintain such an environment. Please view Equal Employment Opportunity Posters provided by OFCCP here.
Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines
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Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines

Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines

Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines

Flight Attendant job at Skywest Airlines

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