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Apply for Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation today Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation
location on map is approximate

Flight School Dispatcher

Sunrise Aviation
Ormond Beach, FL
United States

Hourly: USD
From: $10.00 To: $12.00
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Flight School Dispatcher - Aviation Knowledge Required
Position is full time. 40 hours per week

We are looking for an outgoing, reliable, flexible, focused, efficient, self motivated, organized, hard working individual who is extremely familiar with office environments, customer service and the aviation industry.
This position is the face and main person representing our company, this job is 100% about customer service. The position would consist of answering phones, responding to customer email, working with flight students and aircraft rental clients. Dispatching aircraft, scheduling aircraft, coordinating maintenance operations, answering aviation related questions, flight training, working with FBO customers, and coordinating day to day operations.
This position will also include tasks such as running errands, data entry, specialized tasks, cleaning, organizing office, assisting employees, and assisting management.
REQUIRED:Customer service experience for a minimum of 1 year is a MUST. Candidate must be knowledgeable and comfortable with computer applications including Microsoft Office, Excel and Word. Must have GA or flight training experience/knowledge.
Excellent phone manner required.
PREFERRED: TFBO experience.
Please apply with a cover letter describing why you would be the best person for the position and a resume.
Salary: Based on experience - starting between $10.00 and $12.00 per hour
Job Location:
  • Ormond Beach, FL
Required education:
  • High school or equivalent
Required experience:
  • Customer Service & Aviation: 1 year
Required license or certification:
  • Drivers License

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Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation
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Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation

Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation

Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation

Flight School Dispatcher job at Sunrise Aviation

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