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Apply for Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron today Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron
location on map is approximate

Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief



Hourly: USD

••Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief



to test, troubleshoot and repair aircraft systems and structures. schedules and coordinates the work of others.


Performs and directs the completion of maintenance activities on aircrafts.

Requires thorough knowledge of aircraft engines, mechanical systems and components on all assigned aircraft.

Checks, corrects or replaces a variety of complex aircraft assemblies, aircraft systems, and optional equipment installations.

Orders and obtain parts necessary to effect aircraft repairs. assures that cores are returned in accordance with established procedure.

As required, debriefs customer on aircraft discrepancies and has frequent contact with customer requiring courtesy, good judgment and tact in resolving customer issues/concerns.

Accurately documents and provides tie ins for team members on other shifts.

Responsible for communicating safety expectations of the service center.

Responsible for guiding, instructing and scheduling the work or three or more technicians and provides job related training or instruction as required.

Report status and exceptions in work progress affecting schedule commitments and cost of maintenance at aircraft status meetings.

Performs other related duties as required.

Required Experience

Must hold EASA B1 license

Cessna Citation qualifications required, ideally with 680 and / or 510 ratings

Must be able to read, write, understand and speak English.

requires over five years of experience as Mechanic, ideally as Lead.

••Job•• Product Support

••Primary Location•• France & 206;le de France Le Bourget

••Recruiting Company•• Textron Aviation

••Schedule•• Full time

••Job Level•• Team Leader

••Shift•• First Shift

••Req ID:•• 254127

Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron
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Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron

Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron

Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron

Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief job at Textron

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