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Apply for Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines today Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines
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Ramp Service Employee Part time Koror Palau

United Airlines

Hourly: USD

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Ramp Service Employee - Part-Time
•ROR - Koror Palau
The Airport Operations department keeps operations at our airports running smoothly through planning organization and supervision.
Job overview and responsibilities
Ramp / Baggage Handler Agent Specifics: + Load unload and transfer baggage cargo and mail from carts conveyor belts and containers and on and off aircraft + Perform work that involves repeatedly lifting carrying pushing and pulling items which weigh about 40 lbs. on average and can weigh over 75 lbs. RSEs lift 75 to more than 100 pieces of cargo in 25 minutes (approximately one bag every 15 seconds) + Manually push/pull loaded carts into position for loading or hook up to pushback tractor + Bend stoop kneel and crawl to move cargo into containers aircraft and carts frequently (1-9 times/hour) on a daily basis. Climb inside a cargo bin or aircraft belly to rearrange loads as necessary for balance and security + Guide aircraft into and out of the terminal jetway areas by communicating with pilots + Communicate with the Control Center and other departments to ensure efficient and safe aircraft and baggage movement + Operate a variety of equipment including two-way radios baggage transfer vehicles and handheld tracking devices on a daily basis + Drive and operate various types of ground support equipment in loading/unloading aircraft transferring cargo and repositioning aircraft + Standing and walking continuously for entire shift + Depending on the needs of the operations your supervisor may require you to perform other functions as needed Cargo Agent Specifics: + Security Screen baggage and passengers + Assist with cabin inspections and cleaning lavatory services + Ensure that tooling equipment vehicles and the facilities are operated in a safe and proficient manner and are always turned-over in good order + Verify and inspect cargo by count weight size dimensions and physical condition of all shipments + Monitor inspect and transport tuna as it goes from the chiller to proper packaging pallet build up and airport delivery + Ensure proper and clear documentation of all pieces in shipment (both inbound and outbound) is received + Ensure cargo shipments are maintained in the proper destination zones and containers while in transit through the facilities and via the service roads + Use a computer to monitor the movement and documentation of freight and flights (including arrival data capture pre-manifesting and screening) + Ensure that the company’s standards policies and procedures regarding safety security and station controls are followed and executed consistently + Maintain a good working knowledge of all security directives manuals tariffs standards policies procedures and reference materials integral to a safe and efficient operation
This position is offered on local terms and conditions. Expatriate assignments and sponsorship for employment visas even on a time-limited visa status will not be awarded.
+ High school diploma/GED or equivalent + Must be fluent in English (written and spoken) + Must be willing to work outside in all weather conditions (e.g. rain heat humidity) and in baggage areas that are open to the outside weather conditions + Must be willing to work in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time + Must be willing to work where there will be exposure to high noise levels + Must be willing to work in a high-pressure safety-sensitive deadline driven environment + Must be flexible to work any shift assigned within a 24 hour/day 7 day/week operation including weekends holidays and overtime as needed. Hours can include late nights and early mornings + Reliable punctual attendance is an essential function of the position + Overtime available/required depending upon operational need + Must have reliable transportation + Must be willing and able to travel to U.S. for processing and training + Must possess and maintain a valid state drivers license (suspended expired revoked or denied licenses are not valid) + Must be able to clear a Background Check + Must be eligible to obtain and maintain credentials necessary for the position. Position-specific clearances include but are not limited to FAA TSA AND Port Authority and US Customs + Must be legally authorized to work in the Republic of Palau for any employer without sponsorship + Successful completion of interview required to meet job qualification
+ Previous outdoor work or work in jobs requiring heavy lifting and safety awareness + Effective communication skills in Japanese or Chinese/Mandarin a plus
62 Airport Operations
Ramp Service Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled
Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines
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Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines

Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines

Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines

Ramp Service Employee Part time Palau job at United Airlines

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