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Apply for Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air today Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air
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Cabin Crew Tuzla base

Wizz Air


Hourly: USD

Cabin Crew Tuzla base Due to our planned further expansion in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have new openings for cabin attendants at Tuzla. Requirements:
• Aged 18 years or over 
• High school education degree 
• Fluent English both written and spoken
• Ability to swim 
• Ability to reach the base airport in one hour 
• Some customer service experience and sales skills
• Valid passport  The perfect candidate also:
·   Possesses excellent communication skills
·   Is flexible and resilient to the demands of shift working
·   Is able to work under pressure
·   Can easily work in a team
·    Fluent English knowledge  Additional information
·         Tattoos and piercing (other than one earring per ear) are acceptable but must not be visible.
·         Please note that if you wear glasses or contact lenses and your prescription are above + or below 4 you    are likely to fail the mandatory medical examination.   If you would like to join the dynamic team of Wizz Air please apply here and attach your CV in English with a photo and please fill in and attach our cabin crew application form which can be downloaded here .
Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air
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Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air

Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air

Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air

Cabin Crew Tuzla base job at Wizz Air

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