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Apply for Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air today Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air
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Project Manager Strategic Procurement

Wizz Air

Hourly: USD

Project Manager - Strategic Procurement (based in Budapest) Overall responsibility: The Purchasing Managers work on full range of indirect procurement and service contract management related projects associated with the operation of airline while reporting to the Head of Purchasing of Wizz Air Group. The primary focus of the role is strategic project management and service provider negotiations. The successful candidate will support and ensure that all procurement processes are carried out according to the company’s purchasing policy. Important part of the role is managing all stages of competitive provider selection processes (Tenders). These stages include internal need assessments Request for Proposal formulations project management financial assessment and risk analysis provider selection contract negotiation and decision paper preparation for the senior management or Board of Directors. Managing the company’s contract inventory and filing systems are also part of the responsibilities in order to ensure the updated and accurate contract handling of the Company.   Responsibilities: Leading  interdepartmental alignment meetings and interviews for need assessment Creating tender and evaluation documentations (RfP RfI etc.) Conducting market research on and identifying potential providers Handling queries and questions of providers Engaging in extensive negotiations with providers Project managing multiple procurement projects in parallel at different size and complexity Compiling financial calculation and building Excel models for proposal evaluation Preparing end product and deliverable (presentation executive summary materials etc.) for senior management decision making Leading the service contracting process in cooperation with other departments Securing the compliance with internal approval procedures Handling executed contracts and ensuring the Company’s contract inventory being up-to-date Supporting the creation and change of internal procedures and automation tools    Requirements: College/University degree with minimum 2-3 years of work experience in strategic procurement Project management or management consulting background is an advantage Verbal and writing proficiency in English Strong project/process management skills and mind-set Strong communication skills for negotiation presentation interviewing and any written information exchange Analytical skills for proposal evaluation and Total-Cost-of-Ownership calculation and modelling Structured critical and practical thinking in order to break down or build processes and think “outside of the box” Experience in negotiations tactics and business deal structuring is an advantage Attention to details at deliverables daily routines and complex task management Ability to work on multiple priorities and under time pressure with accuracy and efficiency Flexibility in adapting to changes in the environment expectations and priorities Good MS Office knowledge (Excel PowerPoint Word Outlook) is a must Team player with ‘can do’ and ‘hungry for learning’ attitude   If you would like to join the dynamic team of Wizz Air please apply here and attach your CV in English and the copy of your highest finalized degree.  
Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air
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Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air

Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air

Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air

Project Manager Strategic Procurement job at Wizz Air

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