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Apply for Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC today Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC
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Flight Technician

Sun Air Jets LLC
Camarillo, CA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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Flight Technician

Sun Air Jets, a full service FBO in Camarillo, is seeking a full time Flight Technician. Sun Air Jets is an industry leader in the performance of corporate jet support services. The company delivers a wide variety of services tailored specifically to business jet owners including aircraft management, on demand charter, aircraft fueling, hangar storage, and jet maintenance.

Position Description:

  • A dynamic and multi-faceted position
  • Los Angeles based aircraft, very competitive compensation package.
  • A position that requires the candidate to be intimately involved with one individual aircraft.
  • The opportunity encompasses all the duties of a cabin server and many additional duties of a qualified technician.
  • Approximate involvement with the aircraft is 12 to 18 days per month
  • Seeking a candidate that brings knowledge, professionalism and especially enthusiasm to the flight department.

Essential Job Functions:

Involvement with the assigned aircraft to include but not limited to:

  • In flight cabin service to high end clientele.
  • Timely and accurate procurement of aircraft/trip catering, food items, passenger requests etc.
  • Knowledge of aircraft status including maintenance items/issues and events.
  • Aircraft maintenance on the road generally limited to AOG events.
  • Coordination and communication with aircraft crew and management personnel during maintenance on the road
  • The flight tech will not be required to work on the aircraft during maintenance events at home base (except for providing information/briefings.)
  • Maintenance/upkeep of the aircraft stock and stock room.
  • Standardization and documentation of stock to be on the aircraft

Required Qualifications:

  • A&P license
  • Bombardier/Global experience preferred
  • Preferred local to the Los Angeles/Ventura area
  • Willing to train the right candidate in cabin attendant services/duties

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Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC
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Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC

Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC

Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC

Flight Technician job at Sun Air Jets LLC

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