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Apply for Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation today Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation
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Avionics Supervisor

Wisconsin Aviation
Madison , wi
United States

Hourly: USD
From: $16.00 To: $25.00
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Wisconsin Aviation is looking a detail-oriented, technical person with experience in avionics to fill our Avionics Supervisor position at our Madison location. This person will be responsible for complete service operations of the Avionics Department. They will be overseeing all phases of service work from incoming and outgoing, to insure work performed according to manufacturer specifications and Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations and inspect the work in process and upon completion. They must insure repair station and work performed is in compliance with procedures stated in the Quality Control, Repair Station and Training Manual.

Wisconsin Aviation is the state's premier, full-service provider of general aviation services including charter, flight training, aircraft rental, aircraft sales, maintenance, avionics, interiors, and line services.

Our corporate headquarters is conveniently located at the Watertown Municipal Airport, five miles north of Interstate 94 at the mid-point between Wisconsin's two largest cities, Milwaukee and Madison, the state's capital.


Accountable Supervisor/Department Supervisor

  • The Accountable Supervisor assumes the responsibilities and delegates authority to qualified personnel as dictated by FAR Part 145 and FAR Part 43, to AFRS aircraft and components to service after repair, inspections and alterations.
  • For providing adequate training, equipment, materials, and competent personnel pertinent to the operation of the repair station in order that it may comply with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • To ascertain that adequate fire equipment is available at the Repair Station.
  • To establish standards to ascertain that adequate safety precautions are observed.
  • To establish procedures to determine the need for original and recurrent training of personnel consistent with the work to be performed.
  • Assist, supervise, and direct all personnel assigned to the Repair Station
  • Ascertain that all inspections are properly performed on all completed work and proper inspection records, reports, and forms used by the Repair Station are properly executed prior to releasing the product for return to service.
  • Maintain and keep a current file of pertinent Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), specifications, type-certification data sheets, and airworthiness directives.
  • To determine that all technical data on all articles overhauled or repaired by the Repair Station are secured and kept current with the latest revisions. This data will include manufacturer’s overhaul manuals, service bulletins, part specifications; related Federal Aviation Administration approved data and other technical data used by the repair station.
  • To assure that periodic checks are made on all inspection tools and the calibration of precision test equipment used by the repair station and that current record of those inspections and tests are maintained.
  • To determine that no defective, unserviceable, or non-airworthy parts are installed in any component or articles released by the repair station.
  • To submit reports of defects or non-airworthy condition in accordance with FAR 145.221.
  • To assure the proper execution of FAA Form 337, when required, and/or a maintenance release.
  • To accomplish the final acceptance of all incoming material, including new parts, supplies, and the airworthiness of articles on which work has been performed outside the Repair Station by contract.
  • To conduct the preliminary, hidden damage, in-progress, and final inspection of all articles processed by the Repair Station and record the results as outlined in this manual.
  • To maintain files of completed work orders inspection forms in such a manner that the file pertaining to a specific item repaired can be readily located for review.
  • To see that the rejected and unserviceable parts are handled in such a way so as to prevent there reuse as serviceable parts.
  • The identification, control, segregation, and maintenance of all stock and tools to a serviceable, or unserviceable category.
  • The preservation of all articles or parts, while carried in inventory, including parts that are subject to deterioration and shelf life specifications.
  • Responsible to report any hazard any hazard observed or experienced using the reporting method described in the Safety Management System manual.
  • Bring unsafe or unhealthy, or adverse environmental conditions to management for resolution using the Safety Management Systems Manual hazard reporting program
  • Responsible for compliance with all governing regulations, internal standards, policies and procedures which pertain to this position.
  • Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents are accountable for all safety goals as listed on the attached Wisconsin Aviation Safety Objectives Policy.
  • “Must possess a valid Class D Wisconsin Driver License. Will accept out of state license but should be converted to a Wisconsin Driver License as soon as possible and a copy should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.”
  • All Madison employees in these jobs must also be able to obtain a SIDA (Secure Identification Display Area) badge through the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

Knowledge of:

  • Various aircraft system
  • Keeping up with the new systems upgrades by various manufacturer
  • Promotional programs offered
  • FAA rules and regulations
  • FAA paperwork that is required for installations/service/repairs
  • Manufacturer’s service bulletins updates

Skill In:

  • Use of all common and special purposes aircraft maintenance tools and test equipment.
  • Repair of sheet metal and composite structures.
  • Diagnosis and repair of aircraft components.

Ability To:

  • Communicate by phone or in person, emails etc.
  • Interpret wiring and schematic diagrams and complex technical instruction.


  • · Degree in Aviation Instrument Electronics
  • · Managerial Experience or Education
  • · Installation Experience


  • · FCC License


  • · Move objects by hand weighing 25 pounds or less short and long distances.
  • · Move objects by hand cart weighing more than 25 pounds.
  • · Remain in a standing position for extended periods of time.
  • · Bend, stoop, climb, and work in cramped spaces when performing aircraft maintenance.


Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation
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Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation

Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation

Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation

Avionics Supervisor job at Wisconsin Aviation

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