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Apply for Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services today Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services
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Flight Operations Manager

Hallmark Aviation Services
Los Angeles , CA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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REPORTS TO: Regional Manager (LAX)
- 5 years flight operations experience with an international airline account(s) preferred
- 3-5 years management experience
- Proficient knowledge of airline product systems and procedures
- Knowledge of airline computer systems required
- Expert knowledge of Weight & Balance
- Experience with Crew Administration preferred
- Ability to plan operations schedules for multiple airlines
- Organized & detail oriented
- Excellent and effective communication and telephone skills (verbal and written)
- LAX airport experience a plus
- Excellent attendance record
- Able to work shifts/weekends.
- Must be flexible
- Must possess a valid United States driver’s license
- Must be able to travel

Required Experience

Basic Requirements

At least 18yrs old, with a High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Basic Math Skills: Adding, Subtracting, Division, and Multiplying

Computer Literate; English proficient

Able to stand, bend, squat, reach, grasp and pick up items; constantly lifting up to 70lbs

Reading & comprehension of reference materials, instructions, policies & procedures


Job Location

Los Angeles, California, United States

Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services
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Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services

Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services

Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services

Flight Operations Manager job at Hallmark Aviation Services

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