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Apply for Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy today Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy
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Certified Flight Instructors

JC Air Academy
Stockton , CA
United States

Hourly: USD
From: $20.00 To: $40.00
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Certified Flight Instructor (Stockton CA)
JC Air Academy - United States


JC Air Academy is seeking Certified Flight Instructors who are driven and dedicated to providing the highest-quality flight training.

Payment hourly rate:

- Short term (1–3 years)

20 CFI

22.5 CFI, CFII


- Long term ( +3 years)

25 CFI

27.5 CFI, CFII


- Senior (Former Airline pilot, or +10,000 flight time)



- Jet instructor (CJ1 type rating)


  • Instructor housing $150/month in our furnished dormitory or $500 relocation allowance
  • No probation / guaranteed position
  • Our contracts with Korean Airlines provides guaranteed students for our instructors to train
  • Because of our location, over 325 VFR days to build flight time
  • We can assist our instructors in acquiring additional ratings
  • Our instructor standardization is done with airline-focused standards, which helps prepare our instructors for their professional career track (Free of charge all standardization)

Minimum position requirements:

FAA CFI Certificate

FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate

Job Type: Full-time

Required licenses or certifications:

  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • 3rd class Medical Certificate

Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy
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Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy

Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy

Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy

Certified Flight Instructors job at JC Air Academy

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