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Airline Passenger Service Agent

Position Description

Passenger service agents typically work directly with a specific airline's passengers to help them complete their travel with a minimum of inconvenience, even when things do not go according to plan. Duties can include assisting ticket agents during busy times, helping passengers with special needs, or helping to locate lost baggage. They also may make announcements over the public address system to advise passengers on when to board or to call standby parties to the ticket counter.

Typical Requirements and/or Experience

In order to get a job as a passenger service agent you will need to have a high school degree or its equivalent. You should also be able to work under pressure and make the best of less-than-ideal conditions. Hiring personnel will especially be looking for those with previous customer service experience. Many passenger service agents come up through the ranks of reservations or ticket agents.

Wages and Benefits

Salaries and benefits can vary. For an updated look at salaries in the aviation industry, view the Avjobs.com Salary Report.


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