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Air Ambulance Worldwide

The team at Air Ambulance Worldwide consists of experienced pilots, as well as experts inaviation medicine who are ICU and CCU veterans, skilled dispatchers, maintainers and flight coordinators who are drawn to serving patients who require air medical transport. Founded in 2004, Air Ambulance Worldwide operates and all-jet fleet, with 2 Citations at our Washington, PA base and 5 Lear jets at our Clearwater, FL base. We are Argus Gold rated for aviation safety and we have an incident and accident-free safety record, as well as being Eurami certified for medical excellence. In our almost 20 years of service, Air Ambulance Worldwide has been the provider of choice for hospitals and families wishing to safely move a patient or loved one. We are also the air ambulance company chosen to provide transport solutions for major sports leagues, insurers and global travel assistance companies. We exist to help create a positive experience out of a family’s worst moment. When most needed, we want to be the ones chosen to provide "Uplifting Care and Outstanding Support". We believe that every person within the company is responsible for the patient experience and success.

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