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DORATO JETS DBA AIR EVAC INT'L (Learjet 31/35 Captains - Florida) 15020 Hayden Loop, Suite 202, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Air Evac International is an established and growing Air Ambulance. We are seeking a Learjet 30 Series Crew for our Ft. Lauderdale Base. The crewmember openings are immediate. Air Evac owns the Air Carrier Certificate, Aircraft, and have established 3 bases including SDL, and SAN. Compensation: We are offering $110,000.00 to start with bonus, medical benefits, and quality of life. 90% of our business consists of day trips. Average 1-2 nights of hotel stays per month. Experience: Captains: *2500TT *1000ME *500Time in Type (Type-rated Captains with prior experience - Required for this posting) First Officers: *1000TT *500ME Turbine / Jet Experience (preferred) We are willing to type New First Officers Candidates.

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Learjet 31 Captain Urgent

Ft Lauderdale, FL


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