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Freeflight Composites, LLC

Freeflight Composites was founded in 2003 to provide specialized services to composite experimental aircraft owners. We have a proven track record in providing the highest quality construction, modification, maintenance, and customization for a great variety of aircraft including Rutan VeriEZE, Long-EZ, Quickie, Berkut, Cozy, Velocity, ERacer, Glasair, Lancair, and many more. We have helped build multiple award winning aircraft. Our passion and unending goal is to create aircraft of the greatest beauty and highest performance to bring people's dreams alive for owning and flying composite experimental aircraft. Because we specialize in providing custom services for handbuilt experimental aircraft, our work is always changing. We provide a variety of skill sets and services including composites, systems, electrical, avionics, inspections, custom design, CAD, and custom manufacturing. We follow high standards for safety, aesthetics, and overall quality for all the work that we perform.

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