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Jet Token, Inc

Jet Token, Inc specializes in closed fleet membership programs with their new fleet of HondaJet Elite aircraft. Solutions range from 25-hour jet cards, 10-day cards, and share ownership programs. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with primary operations in the Western United States. As a leading technology company, we envisioned for the first time, travelers being able to use one App to book a private jet, a commercial airline ticket, or both, all on the same itinerary. To support our App and membership program, we selected the Best-In-Class HondaJet Elite aircraft for our customers in the United States. How are we changing private aviation? First, with *blockchain technology, we offer our members an alternative to buy or sell time they might not need if their travel changes. Second, for those who mix private and commercial travel on the same itinerary, w e offer our App. Third, by being blockchain payment compatible we cater to the tech-savvy and those who expect merchants to make their payment systems more diversified. Visit us and learn more at or

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