JetAir77 Aviation Training Center job details and career information

JetAir77 Aviation Training Center career details and job information

JetAir77 Aviation Training Center Cebu   Philippines Upgrade yourself from flying a piston engine to a jet engine in 6 to 7 weeks. Being a normal pilot and being a pilot with an extra certification that enables him or her to fly myriad of Aircraft has huge difference. A difference that will let the pilot have an upper hand in the most positive manner as far as his or her career is concerned. That is exactly what a type rating certificate will do. . We, at Jetair77 Aviation aim to provide training that enables the students to have an opportunity of being chosen by the best of international flight carriers. We deliver this by setting the highest standards, unmatched facilities and a serious passion for aviation. We have professionally trained well over 200 graduates for the general, airline and aviation sectors over the past 4 years but our ability to exceed the expectations of our customers that differentiates us . Our Company Corporate with 10 TRTO and 4 Flight School. We Offer Type Ratings on A320/B737 ,Line Training 200 hours/300 hours /500 hours /800 hours with our Partner Airlines We do also Offer Coomercial Pilot Training with Highest Possible Standards with cheap cost. Our Instructors experience is unmatched in the industry and the team is headed by professionals that have had distinguished careers in aviation. Jetair 77 Aviation Training Center is committed to ensuring that we stay abreast of industry developments and aviation instruction methodologies. Our Jetair 77 Aviation Training Center eLearning offering for iPad in conjunction with a structured ground school and dedicated instructors assists students to reach their full potential. Jetair77 Aviation Training Center owns the largest and best-maintained fleet of aircraft on the continent and glass cockpit offerings are available on our complex trainers. Our vast experience and leadership in training place Jetair 77 AviationTraining Center at the forefront of international training standards.

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JetAir77 Aviation Training Center
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