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Sunnyvale, California
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LTA Research

Lighter Than Air (LTA) Research is an aerospace research and development company building experimental and certified manned and remotely piloted airships. We are developing advanced technologies to dramatically increase the capabilities and lower the cost of 21st century airships. With these next-generation airships, we strive to improve humanitarian aid delivery and reduce carbon emissions, while providing economic opportunity and new jobs to Americans. LTA airships will have the ability to complement — and even speed up — humanitarian disaster response and relief efforts, especially in remote areas that cannot be easily accessed by plane and boat due to limited or destroyed infrastructure. We ultimately aim to create a family of aircraft with zero emissions that, when used for shipping goods and moving people, would substantially reduce the global carbon footprint of aviation. We are seeking motivated, hands-on individuals to join our dynamic team of engineers, designers and technicians to help bring complex ideas into reality.

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Senior Airship Mechanic Urgent

Sunnyvale, CA


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