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Sandpoint, Idaho
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Timberline Helicopters Inc

Partners in the protection, building, and rebuilding of our communities by delivering safe, efficient, and reliable utility helicopter services. Chapter One of Timberline Helicopters, Inc. (THI) story saw us grow from very humble roots as a single helicopter operator logging throughout the Pacific Northwest into a global helicopter services and solutions provider. This journey has been exciting, albeit not always well-planned and has exceeded our expectations in every way. We are actively participating in defining what Timberline will look like during Chapter Two. We believe that the best days are ahead of us as we continue to build our skills, products, and culture. It has been demonstrated that the culture of a company is a great predictor of its success or failure. Culture can be described as the character and personality of an organization. It is what makes us unique and is the sum of our values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Timberline’s culture is driven by our values of safety, integrity, accountability, innovation, customer centricity, and community. We have no room on our team for disrespect, office politics, or discrimination of any kind. We have a disdain for red tape, slow moving organizations, and bureaucratic inertia. Instead, we seek to define and streamline processes to enable us to remain adaptable and nimble to best capture a wide range of opportunities. Our success is measured by the value we create for all our stakeholders. Vision: To build a world-class team of aviation professionals focused on delivering exceptional utility helicopter solutions.

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Repair Station Technicians Urgent

Sandpoint, ID


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