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Dubuque, Iowa
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University of Dubuque

The University of Dubuque is a private, Presbyterian, coeducational, professional university with a foundation in the liberal arts. Our commitment is to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit as well as encouraging students to explore their fullest potential, is part of a rich Christian identity that dates back to the University's founding in 1852. Our welcoming interfaith community of 2000 students attracts young men and women from across the country and around the globe who seek the knowledge and the skills to make a difference in our ever-changing world. Within a values and faith base, we offer you an array of perspectives and broad exposure to our truly global society. The University comprises the undergraduate college, the graduate school, and the theological seminary. Mission and Vision The University of Dubuque is a private university offering undergraduate, graduate, and theological seminary degrees, and other educational opportunities with the intention of educating and forming the whole person. The University is comprised of individuals from the region, our nation, and the world. As a community, the University practices its Christian commitments by educating students, pursuing excellence in scholarship, challenging students to live lives of worth and purpose, and preparing students for service to the church and the world. Therefore, the University of Dubuque is committed to: A hospitable Christian environment which respects other faith traditions; Relationships which encourage intellectual, spiritual, and moral development; Excellence in academic inquiry and professional preparation; A diverse and equitable community where Christian love is practiced; Stewardship of all Gods human and natural resources; Zeal for life-long learning and service.

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Dubuque, IA


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