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Bay Village, Ohio
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AirBrock has been a Part 135 charter operation for a decade. In 2019, there was an ownership change and with that, a new strategic vision. Airbrock aquired leases to 2 challenger 604's and created a floating challenger 604 fleet. In November, a large financial infusion paid off damages caused by COVID19, along with a new CEO has positioned AirBrock to take advantage of the strong family vacation market. AirBrock strieves to provide preimer luxuary travel experience. Usually we book one customer per day. We continue to improve our business. Starting Febuary 1st, Pilots will be given a year-long 14/7 schedule. Pilot training will be provided during "days on". Pilots will have additional days off when the aircraft is being serviced if they are on schedule. Pilots will be given 2 weeks of paid vacation time. ( note only one pilot can schedule a vacation on the same day ) Days off will be respected. AirBrock offers a quality healthcare plan ( United Healthcare ). The company pays 70% of the premium. Also availble dental,and others.

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