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Apply for Pilot job at Air Evac EMS today Pilot job at Air Evac EMS
location on map is approximate


Air Evac EMS
Greenville, IL
United States

Hourly: USD

This job was posted by https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov : For more information please see: https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov/ada/r/jobs/5178841 Job TypeFull TimeLocation/BaseAEL 137 - Greenville ILPosition SummaryAir Evac Line Pilots are responsible to insure all operations involving company aircraft are in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations Air Evac Operations Manual and all state or municipal regulations. The Line pilot will insure the aircraft remains clean and mission ready and operates the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner with emphasis on compliance with the Aircraft Flight Manual.Duties and ResponsibilitiesRequired at Date of Hire :The pilot must possess at least a commercial rotorcraft-helicopter certificate and instrument helicopter rating.At least 2000 total flight hours prior to an assignment.A minimum of 1500 helicopter flight hours.A minimum of 1000 hours must be as PIC in rotorcraft.100 hours unaided.A minimum of 500 hours of turbine time.A minimum of a second class medical certificate.A maximum weight of 220 pounds. Important InformationAir Evac Lifeteam is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for the position applied for without regard to race color religion sex age national origin disability marital status sexual orientation military/veteran status or other non-merit factors. We welcome and encourage applications from minorities women protected veterans and individuals with disabilities (including disabled veterans).Avjobs.com
Pilot job at Air Evac EMS
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Pilot job at Air Evac EMS

Pilot job at Air Evac EMS

Pilot job at Air Evac EMS

Pilot job at Air Evac EMS

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