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Apply for Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods today Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods
location on map is approximate

Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hilo Hawaii

Air Methods
Hilo, HI
United States

Hourly: USD

Job Summary

This position reports to the Base Manager and Assistant Base Manager. Provides top level customer service support to the organization. Duties will include handling payments and checking in guests in an accurate and timely manner. Actively engage all customers, encourage them to visit the souvenir shop, provide additional information and offer product enhancement opportunities to guests. Responsible for taking photographs, processing videos and processing souvenir shop transactions. Take positive action in customer experience and recovery.

The classification of this position is broad and assigned specific functional areas; duties and assignments may overlap depending on the operational needs of the department.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities include the following but are not limited to:


· Check ramp of any FOD.

+ Maintaining all areas including the back room and front desk areas.

+ Ensuring the coffee pots are ready for refill. Maintaining the coffee area throughout the day by checking coffee pots. and water dispenser area is clean and refilled.

+ Maintaining lobby and bathroom areas.

+ Assist guest when flight returns.

+ Assist retail associate with Video Queues.

+ End of day-closing paperwork, prepare coffee for next day, clean backroom.

Inside Radio:

+ Ensuring there is sufficient supply of back up headsets/microphones for A/C.

+ Maintaining and organizing Inside Radio desk.

+ Conduct safety briefing, manifest, and issue life vest for guests.

+ Flight following.

+ Hobbs.

+ End of day-gather Hobbs and leave for closing person. Assist cashiers with duties and chores.


· Loading/off-loading guest off of the Aircraft safely. Walk guest back into building.

· Assist Inside Radio with life vests.

· Confirming that all Pilots are provided with the manifests for next flight.

· Reset seatbelts after every flight.

· Cleaning of camera lens after every flight.

· Confirm that CO2 tanks are filled.

· Be sure that the Retail associate is provided with the inflight videos from A/C.

· When pilots are on lunch, reset belts, headsets, microphones, sanitize aircraft (wipe down belts and headsets, and microphones) and help pilots with blades and shades.

Retail Cashier:

· Prepare Oshibori’s for the day.

· Maintain Retail area (kits, USB’s, MAS90).

· Offer guests Oshibori’s when returning from flight.

· Preview inflight videos for guests, make that sale, and offer “Visions of Hawaii” package.

· Preparing blue rays, input notes for any sales made into reservation.

· Restock retail shelves.

· Assist guests with shopping needs.

· Make notations with video issues in Daily notes (advising Avionics, and Pilots).

· Video Queues.

· End of day-closing paperwork.

· Ensuring all Oshibori towels are washed and dried.

· Closing counts.

· Restock and clean condiment area. Ensure all Retail shelves are stocked for next day.

· Locking of entrance from ramp door, front door, and turn off lights in lobby..

· Return monies to designated associate. Make sure closing paperwork is ready for Accounting. Prepare and take deposit to bank, and log in folder and “S” drive.

Ramp Controller AM:

+ Check ramp of any FOD.

+ Reviewing event schedules for any special indications.

+ Ensuring fueling pads are accessible, and not occupied by any Aircraft DFD.

+ Communicate with MX of any Ops flights, or Ferry’s.

+ Assist Pilots with pre-flight of A/C (undo blades, and shades).

+ Ensuring guests, Pilots, employees and Aircraft is safe at all times on the ramp.

+ Clear Pilot and Aircraft for take-off/ landing and shutting down of Aircraft.

+ Land aircraft and Pilots on the designated fueling pad.

+ Be sure guests are within 50ft away from a fueling aircraft.

+ Observe surrounding airspace for any potential aircraft conflicts the Pilot may not see.

+ Look over aircraft for any type of fuel leaks or latches not secured.

+ Speak over radio to pilots in a professional manner.

Ramp Controller PM:

+ Be sure all Aircrafts that are down for lunch are ready for afternoon flights.

+ Communicate with MX if they need Pad 1 open.

+ Shut down all A/C for end of day.

+ Notify EL when all A/C is down.

+ Assist with Retail for closing.

+ Verify bank deposit with Retail.

+ Organize life vests at the end of the day.

+ Charge laptops for next day use.

+ Be sure building is lock and secure.

+ Make sure dispatch schedule for next day is in daily notes.

· Inform Director of Operations of all aircraft on ground at the end of the day.

· Other duties as assigned.

Subject to applicable laws and Blue Hawaiian’s policies, regular attendance is an essential function of the position. All employees must follow Blue Hawaiian’s employment practices and policies.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

Required Experience

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. In accordance with applicable laws, Blue Hawaiian will provide reasonable accommodations that do not create an undue burden so disabled employees may perform the essential functions of the position.

Education & Experience

+ High School diploma or equivalent.

+ 1-2 years sales experience.

+ 1-2 years of cash handling experience.

+ 1-2 years of customer service experience.

+ CDL B w/Passenger endorsement required


+ Ability to maintain a high-level of alertness as job may require working around an aircraft.

+ Ability to work in a fast paced work environment and be able to balance multiple tasks successfully.

+ Excellent communication and customer service skills.

+ Must be able to work a flexible schedule including weekends and holidays.

+ Ability to effectively present information to guests or fellow employees in one-on-one and small group situations.

Computer Skills

+ POS/Inventory Control System experience preferred.

+ Strong software skills to include MS Office and MS Based software.

Physical Demands

+ Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.

+ Should be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.
Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods
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Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods

Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods

Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods

Guest Relations Agent CDL Driver Hawaii job at Air Methods

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