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Apply for CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation today CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation
location on map is approximate

CFI Airplane

Airlake Aviation
Camdenton, MO
United States

Hourly: USD
From: $30.00 To: $40.00
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We are the Lake of the Ozarks (South central Missouri) leader in flight training Part 91 and 141, pilot training/services, banner towing and scenic tours. Our airport is growing and so are we and we are looking for a qualified CFI or CFII. You can expect 6 full time students to start, build flight time quickly, and looking for long term commitment. Part 135 charter in Summer 2016 King Air 90 time preferred. Good pay in a low cost of living area.

We have an IMMEDIATE need for a CFI to handle the demand. Pay is a contracted position equal to industry standards. More details can be discussed after your resume is received. Airlake Aviation is located at the Camdenton MO Airport (KOZS) with excellent facilities for the aviation community.
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CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation
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CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation

CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation

CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation

CFI Airplane job at Airlake Aviation

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