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Apply for Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems today Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems
location on map is approximate

Radio Network Engineer 791228

Apex Systems
Dimondale, MI
United States

Hourly: USD

divdivdivdivIndividual tasks related to the duty.ulliDesign and analyze antenna systems for new and existing MPSCS networks using sound engineering skills./liliResearch and monitor new networking technologies proposing their implementation into MPSCS systems as appropriate. Identify potential financial or functional impacts to the MPSCS to changes in technology and obsoletion of equipment./liliDevelop studies and other methods to analyze and optimize network functionality and write procedures and standards to assure optimum utilization of MPSCS networks ensuring a high level of service to the users./liliDevelop tracking mechanisms and capture data from the staff or networking tools to track network trends/changes./liliDevelop recommendations for changes that can positively impact network operation./liliProvide reports and/or white papers involving network configuration and analysis./liliProvide network administration support for the MPSCS./liliProvide input into and act as project engineer for the planning configuration designing and updating of MPSCS network infrastructure to meet the dynamics of the system ensuring a high level of service. This includes necessary software updates hardware configurations and other related needs./liliDevelop designs standards and procedures to assess and ensure MPSCS network security./liliAct as project engineer on MPSCS projects requiring engineering efforts related to job duties./li/uldivdivdivdivh3Duty 2/h3General Summary of Duty 2 % of Time u20/uSupports functions of the organization relating to planning and engineering/div/divdivdivIndividual tasks related to the duty.ulliWorks closely with other unit engineers and division staff to provide high quality of service for the MPSCS users./liliPerform a liaison function to the Network Communications Center in order to promote smooth transition of network maintenance upgrades and related changes for the MPSCS./liliAssists in developing policies and procedures with regard to engineering aspects of the MPSCS. Revise these procedures as needed./liliWorks closely with the other section engineers and division staff to troubleshoot problems not readily identifiable with either the radio or microwave system./liliWorks closely with division staff and department staff in the planning process of additions and changes required in the MPSCS./liliMaintain knowledge of FAA and FCC Rules and Regulations especially Parts 90 and 101 as they limit the operation of a large trunked radio system and digital microwave system./liliFacilitates necessary radio system training as directed./liliProvides engineering skills to support or lead operation and maintenance efforts and troubleshooting when required./liliProvide assistance and support for other unit engineer’s duties when required due to abnormal work loads and other unique circumstances./li/uldivdivdivdivh3Duty 3/h3General Summary of Duty 3 % of Time u10/uSupports the Manager with administrative duties not covered previously./div/divdivdivIndividual tasks related to the duty.ulliAssists in the preparation of annual budgets./liliAdvises in the operation of the radio system component of the MPSCS to both management and others within and the organization./liliAssists with or prepares written memorandum reportsAvjobs.com
Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems
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Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems

Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems

Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems

Radio Network Engineer 791228 job at Apex Systems

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