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Apply for Technical Service Representative job at Belcan today Technical Service Representative job at Belcan
location on map is approximate

Technical Service Representative

Warren, MI
United States

Hourly: USD

Technical Service Representative
Job Number: 222865
Category: Production
Description: A Technical Service Representative in Warren MI is currently available through Belcan. In this role you will be responsible for establishing strong customer relationships with employees and managers troubleshooting providing quality control and concentrating on customer relationship management. To be considered for this role you will have a degree in Industrial Engineering or similar with at least two years of experience with excellent communication skills.
Technical Service Representative Job duties:
• Establish strong customer relationships with customer paint shop employees and managers.
• Provide timely resolution to customer’s concerns and quick troubleshooting of coatings problems.
• Data collection with hand held instruments.
• Review vehicle quality aid customer in resolving issues.
• Inventory tracking and forecasting when required to provide the customer with an adequate supply of paint.
• Associate or Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering or similar.
• At least two years of experience of auto body shop or automotive industry experience.
• Excellent communication skills.
If you are interested in this Technical Service Representative job in Warren MI please apply via the “apply now” link provided.
Belcan is a global supplier of engineering technical recruiting and IT services to customers in the aerospace industrial and government sectors. Belcan engineers better outcomes through adaptive and integrated services—from jet engines airframe and avionics to heavy vehicles chemical processing and cybersecurity. Belcan takes a partnering approach to provide customer-driven solutions that are flexible scalable and cost-effective. Our unique capabilities have led to continuous growth and success for nearly 60 years. We are a team-driven Equal Opportunity Employer committed to workforce diversity.
Location: WARREN MI
Minimum Experience (yrs):
Required Education: Not Specified
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Technical Service Representative job at Belcan
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Technical Service Representative job at Belcan

Technical Service Representative job at Belcan

Technical Service Representative job at Belcan

Technical Service Representative job at Belcan

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